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Score your projects with mPIX

Now Moovila integrates with mPIX, the first-ever certified work scoring system.

What is mPIX?

Predicted project success, quantified.

Built by credit industry veterans and data science advisors, mPIX (Project Integrity Index Score) measures and validates projected project success by ensuring accurate work flows that consistently lead to on-time delivery.


First to market, mPIX is a way of auditing and eliminating risk factors in your global work ecosystem to ensure everyone maintains quality compliance. Moovila incorporates mPIX project scoring functionality into its Intelligent Project Control system, along with a project debugger and an autonomous AI-assistant. mPIX to continuously score and remediate risk throughout the life of your project.

Customer Spotlight


Leveraging Moovila and Raven Intel together allows us to demonstrate the level of excellence, diligence and management superiority we bring to each and every customer. We are dedicated to ensuring on-time and on-budget implementations with the highest satisfaction. Moovila facilitates real-time, transparent communication to our customers and helps eliminate surprises, all too frequently found in enterprise software implementations.


– Sunshine Brown, Chief Services Officer, HRMS

Validate your work processes with mPIX Certification

Clients and customers will gain trust in your processes with verified mPIX certification proudly displayed on your website. The accreditation is reserved for companies consistently meeting industry integrity standards, project management best practices, and delivering streamlined projects that are set up for success.

What gets measured, gets managed

Certify your company with mPIX


your company’s work processes


with ongoing best practices


your brand with work you can trust


new business and repeat customers


the industry in delivering higher work standards


with quality control always running in the background

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