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Moovila for Architecture

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Build plans that ensure on-time delivery

Moovila’s functionality goes beyond constructing and tracking project plans. Our complete work management platform has built-in automation functionalities such as prioritized scheduling, timeline forecasting, and an advanced notification system of prompts and alerts, all designed to guide users in the creation of accurate plans with reliable outcomes. 

Prioritized task scheduling

Predictive timeline


Automated work


Assign tasks based on accurate capacity data 

Moovila's SmartSchedule technology leverages calendar integrations to calculate availability based on meetings, ad hoc work and holidays to autonomously prioritize and schedule tasks, so you can assign work with confidence. 

With Smartsheet, you're lacking the tools needed to understand contributors' capacity.

Identify & manage risk across your portfolio

Moovila clearly identifies where and when action is required through a consolidated view of project progress, task alerts, and predictive forecasts, allowing teams to be agile and make changes before timelines are derailed.


With Smartsheet, users are on their own to design and develop dashboards to effectively analyze their work.