Moovila Komatsu Partnership, Construction

Moovila for Construction

Moovila partnered with Komatsu Smart Construction to deliver a solution designed to capture critical job site activity easily and automatically. It's the future of construction management: accurate, real-time delivery of insights from the field to the office.

Moovila Komatsu Partnership, Construction

Working with the Moovila Team has brought innovation to our company and our industry. They understand how to solve tough challenges and automate our business needs into their product to increase efficiencies and project execution. 

Bob DiMarco, COO, Paragon Sitework Constructors, Inc.

Now customers can find answers in minutes, not months.

Smart Construction Project Management Automation Software

Automatically collect data from the field

Moovila Cost Analysis Software

Deliver accurate, real-time

cost management

Moovila Change Order Software

Provide better control of
change order process

Moovila Resource Management Software

Optimize utilization
of available resources

Accurate, real-time data delivered from the field to the back office

Using Smart Construction Field, Komatsu customers can now collect and quickly process all on-site data to make timely management decisions from anywhere. Smart Construction Field is built on our Moovila platform and serves as Komatsu’s central nervous system for everyone involved in bidding, managing, and resourcing jobs.

Here are just a few ways customers benefit from construction automation:


  • Material Tracking 

  • Fuel Tracking 

  • Receipt Tracking

  • Machine Utilization 

  • Weather

  • Timecards & Logs

  • Geofencing

  • Change Order Management

  • Daily Reports

  • Monthly Summary Reports

  • Task Management & Progress Tracking

  • Photo & Document Management

  • Inspections & Observations Logs

  • Site & Safety Conditions Logs

  • Notes & Quality Control

Moovila Construction Project Management Software

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Moovila Construction Project Management Software

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Moovila Construction Project Management Software

OCR Receipt Capture

Moovila Mobile Project Management Software
Moovila Construction Project Management Software
Actionable, clear insights inform decision making.

Now it’s easy for Komatsu customers to make real-time decisions on the most cost-effective ways to bid, manage and resource projects.

  • Analyze cost reports around labor, machines and materials

  • Make data-driven decisions and estimates 

  • Quickly identify bottlenecks to eliminate potential risk

  • Keep everyone accountable with transparent next steps

  • Manage the critical path in real-time as work progresses and changes occur

Critical Path Management

Geo-fencing by Project & Task

Cost Analysis Reports

Mixed Fleet Compatible


Smart Construction Field works with mixed fleet to collect data, no matter the brand of equipment.​

All systems integrate into one intelligent platform.

Smart Construction Field integrates with systems you're using today. So, regardless of the source, SC Field will ensure that all data is a part of the smart picture of financial and operational intelligence.

Smart Construction Field Komatsu Moovila

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