Come work with us!

Content Marketing Specialist 

At Moovila, we believe that execution is everything. That defines who we are, drives what we do (which is build the smartest project management software on the market) and shapes how we operate—including how we hire. 


Our marketing team is looking to expand. We’re looking for a Content Marketing Specialist to take responsibility for bringing our content marketing plan to life. 


In your first 30 days, you will… 

  • Get to know us and our product 

  • Learn what makes Moovila special and hopefully agree! 

  • Work with our VP Marketing to draft a content marketing calendar based on our strategic marketing plan 

  • Define outlets & channels to target 

  • Settle into a rhythm editing and publishing 2-3 pieces/week 


In your first 180 days, you will… 

  • Calibrate your voice with the company’s so you’re creating original content 

  • Connect socially with buyers and influencers in 1-2 target markets 

  • Work with product marketing & sales to produce a cadence of industry-focused, benefit-specific long form content & supporting short-form content (e.g., a webinar for the HR industry including the content leading up to the webinar, the webinar itself, and the follow up emails, blog posts, and social shares) 

  • Start reporting regularly on content performance and provide feedback to the marketing & product team about industry insights, trends, and engagement 

  • Connect content marketing to the sales funnel so you can measure your impact 


In your fist 360 days, you will… 

  • Put content marketing on rails 

  • Be asking for staff so we can expand our reach 


You will be measured on... 

  • Your ability to generate reach (create content that’s interesting) 

  • Your ability to generate resonance (create content that influences target markets to act) 

The ideal candidate will bring creativity and tenacity to their work, relying on past successes to help guide the go-to-market efforts of the company. They will have the ability to distill complex concepts into consumable messaging, bring best practices with them, and reliably follow through on commitments. 


Specific qualifications include: 

  • Demonstrated success in digital marketing, including optimizing landing pages, user funnels, and copy based on A/B & multivariate experimentation 

  • Experience leading and managing content marketing, SEO/SEM, email/newsletter, and/or social media campaigns 

  • Creative—able to devise and revise digital campaigns that engage, inform and motivate specific buyer personas 

  • Experience in optimizing landing pages and user funnels 

  • Functional knowledge of marketing tools (e.g., Hubspot, Google Analytics & AdWords, LinkedIn Ads, and small-business CRM/Marketing Automation tools) 

  • Ability to understand and interpret data in decision-making 

  • Up-to-date with the latest in content marketing best practices  

Why you should work for Moovila

Moovila makes the smartest project management software on the planet. We believe that execution is everything. Our tools help people spend less time planning and more time doing without losing the organizational benefits of having a solid plan. We’re a team of intelligent, devoted, ambitious people who believe in making the world a better place, despite being old enough to have earned the right to be cynical. (No thank you!)  

Moovila is for the committed, but it’s not all about work. At Moovila we care about each other and we operate as a team. Our policy is family first, no questions asked, meaning that you never have to feel guilty about participating in your family life. We treat everyone with respect and expect that of our employees. Our expectation of commitment goes both ways which is why our benefits include unlimited PTO, medical benefits, 401k participation, catered meals & snacks, team events & happy hours, and yoga classes. 

Hope to see you soon. Namaste.