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Our Solutions


Management Automation

The heart of Digital Transformation is intelligent and autonomous communication, risk monitoring, and connectivity. Combined, these deliver the next generation work environment that reduces cost of execution, improves time to revenue and quality of outcomes.


& Partner 

Your customer and partner relationships are vital to your organization. Manage your B2B onboarding in a connected environment to ensure goals are met and customers are satisfied. 

Steve McManus  |  Project Manager, PMP  |  eGroup

At eGroup, we’re constantly looking for opportunities to streamline our projects and more efficiently utilize our time. The more efficient we are, the more quickly we can deliver solutions that improve our clients’ businesses. Since implementing Moovila, I’m able to effectively manage and execute on 25% more projects, more efficiently manage engineering resources, and my clients appreciate the improved transparency.

Our Technology

Moovila is bringing autonomy to work and project management through the use of critical path modeling and diagnostics, Real-life Capacity Management, AI, machine learning, and IoT integration to help teams of all kinds deliver on-time and on-budget.

It IS rocket science, and that's OK.

Leave the calculations to us and we'll leave the success to you.

Critical Path Management

Moovila’s Critical Path Engine removes risk from projects by diagnosing hazards and enforcing plan integrity, empowering you to execute with confidence.

Human Empowerment

The heart of work and project execution is your people. Moovila is designed to give your teams superpowers with Real-life Capacity, seamless collaboration and SmartSchedule. 

Resource Connectivity

Moovila is the first IoT-enabled project management platform, incorporating the vital data from every aspect of your work.

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