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Front End Developer

Moovila is the world’s smartest work automation platform, focused on identifying and removing risk. We are leading the way into the future of autonomous work management by bridging the gap between humans, machines and materials to help every team find their critical path to success. Moovila augments the skills of project managers in the complex process of overseeing work and projects by surfacing the most efficient allocation of resources, automatically organizing, prioritizing and scheduling tasks, and monitoring performance across our customers' portfolios of work.


Join our development team at Moovila to help bring critical path modeling, diagnostics, AI and IoT integration to the market.  You'll play a significant role in developing our SaaS platform for automated work management that is being used today to drive accountability, accuracy and automation into key projects for our clients.

Required Skills:

  • Minimum of 3 years front end development experience

  • Experience with Angular 2+

  • Excellent CSS Skills

  • Working knowledge of redux pattern

  • In-depth knowledge of NgRx, RxJs observables, async await, promises, and material design

Optional Skills:

  • Flutter

  • AWS 

  • VSTS

  • DevOps

  • 3rd Party API Integrations

Why you should work for Moovila

 Moovila is a first mover in automating complex and non-routine work. This provides us with great market opportunity, but also with unique challenges, not least of which includes market priming and education.


So, if you’re the type of person that embraces challenge, likes to stand apart from the crowd, and has the confidence to make decisions in the face of ambiguity, then you’ll be a great fit for Moovila. This is the ideal environment for someone who’s ready to put in the effort to make their mark and be a part of once-in-a-career opportunity.


Moovila is for the committed, but it’s not all about work. At Moovila we care about each other and we operate as a team. Our policy is family first, no questions asked. Meaning that you never have to feel guilty about participating in your family life. We treat everyone with respect and expect that of our employees. Our expectation of commitment goes both ways which is why our benefits include unlimited PTO, medical benefits, 401k participation, catered meals & snacks, team events & happy hours, and in-office yoga classes.