Engineering & Construction Project Management Software

Build better, smarter projects.

Now you can deliver lofty, complex construction projects easily and seamlessly with automation tools for planning, scheduling, and synchronizing resources. Only Moovila includes schedule protection with built-in risk analysis to remove obstacles before they become costly.

Engineering & Construction Project Management Software
Moovila Komatsu

Moovila helps companies like Komatsu, who optimized operations with our custom solution. Together, we created Komatsu Smart Construction, a game-changing system transforming all steps of the construction process, integrating everything from the field to the back office.

Read more about Komatsu’s ground-breaking solution here.

Plan confidently with Intelligent Project Control

Ensure accurate design and construction forecasting with the most intelligent suite of tools on the market.

Engineering & Construction Project Management Software


Automatically score projects for an at-a-glance indication of success. Built by credit industry veterans and data science advisors, mPIX shows an accurate prediction of on-time delivery.

Engineering & Construction Project Management Software


Validate work plans and isolate risk factors to eliminate red flags with an AI-powered project management assistant.

Engineering & Construction Project Management Software

Project Debugger

Get proactive alerts to structural flaws and other preventable risk factors, with insights and instruction for remediation throughout the life of the project. 

Innovate faster

Thanks to emerging technologies, the construction and engineering industries are rapidly changing the way they do business. Stay ahead of the competition by automatically collecting job site activity to inform real-time decisions on the most cost-effective way to bid, manage and resource your projects.

Execute on time

Moovila’s proprietary Critical Path Engine helps make sure every step is scheduled and synchronized for on-time execution throughout your project. No more overly optimistic promises requiring last minute heroics steps. You can be sure your processes are properly designed to deliver, right from the start.

Engineering & Construction Project Management Software

Keep track of all resources and costs

Managing a fleet of subcontractors, safety training, equipment maintenance, material deliveries, and schedule changes can make you feel more like a circus ringmaster than a production manager. With Moovila’s vast capacity, you’ll have a clear line of site of all aspects of your operations on one seamless, integrated system.

Increase accountability with recorded decisions

Moovila helps you avoid system roadblocks with assigned tasks and process approvals. Bring clients into the process early and notify them when it’s time to make decisions with transparent hand-offs. All approval records stay visible throughout the project to prevent awkward conversations, should the client change direction.

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