Manufacturing Project Management Software

Automate the manufacturing & distribution process to optimize productivity

Managing the manufacturing process requires huge amounts of planning, coordinating, and communication. That’s why manufacturing companies can count on Moovila’s AI-powered project management system to help juggle operations more efficiently and effectively.

Manufacturing Project Management Software

Plan confidently with Intelligent Project Control

Ensure accurate design and construction forecasting with the most intelligent suite of tools on the market.

Manufacturing Project Management Software


Automatically score projects for an at-a-glance indication of success. Built by credit industry veterans and data science advisors, mPIX shows an accurate prediction of on-time delivery.

Manufacturing Project Management Software


Validate work plans and isolate risk factors to eliminate red flags with an AI-powered project management assistant.

Manufacturing Project Management Software

Project Debugger

Get proactive alerts to structural flaws and other preventable risk factors, with insights and instruction for remediation throughout the life of the project. 

Innovate faster

New ways of conducting business, such as industrial robotics, micro manufacturing, and fully automated warehouses can make it challenging to keep up. Moovila helps keep you innovative ahead of the competition by connecting teams and projects and making it easier to integrate customer feedback, marketing insights, and operational and product know-how into critical investment decisions. 

Get back to production ASAP 

Moovila’s proprietary Critical Path Engine minimizes the risk of any process that impacts production. Maintenance, cleaning, upgrades, and out-of-the-ordinary events can be planned and executed with maximum accountability, accuracy, and efficiency. You can rest assured that your non-routine processes are designed to flow just as smoothly as your daily routines, with business continuity protected at every step. 

Manufacturing Project Management Software

Keep track of third-party vendors

Managing a fleet of subcontractors, safety training, equipment maintenance, and schedule changes can make you feel more like a circus ringmaster than a production manager. With Moovila’s vast capacity, you’ll have a clear line of site of all aspects of your operations on one seamless, integrated system.

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