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Software & Technology

Moovila supports enterprise software vendors right where it matters most: in delivering customer value. Moovila makes it easier than ever for software vendors to start every relationship off right, by making on-time, high-quality implementations consistent and predictable. With our first-in-industry, project risk-scoring capabilities, best-in-class portfolio management, and AI-assisted project debugger, you can deliver maximum value to every customer,  in every vertical—every time.

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Construction & Engineering

Centralize all of your moving parts, machinery, equipment, employees, and contractors onto one integrated and automated system. Use real-time data and cost analysis to inform all project planning, bidding, and scheduling to deliver more on-time, on-budget construction jobs. See how Komatsu partnered with Moovila to build a centralized nervous system that collects data from the field, processes it, and presents it to management for real-time cost analysis and decision-making power.

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Now architects can stay on top of their dynamic, collaborative portfolios like never before with Moovila. All project assets integrate on one connected, AI-powered platform with risk scoring, calendars, and inter-project linking capabilities for a greater level of organization and cohesiveness—even remotely.

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Higher Education

Moovila helps higher ed administrators bring their visions to life through a higher level of project management. Now, meeting classroom expectations along with boardroom demands can be synchronized and delivered through one automated, integrated system. With our proprietary project risk-scoring capabilities and AI-assisted project debugger, fast-changing infrastructure needs can be handled optimally and seamlessly, regardless of project scope, allowing more focus on what matters most. 

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Staying competitive in the aerospace industry requires managing extremely complex projects with great efficiency.  Moovila helps aerospace companies streamline processes, integrate subcontractors, and improve planning procedures with built-in risk management features that ensure plans make it to the finish line on time.

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Mission critical processes such as infrastructure upgrades can’t be left to chance.  Moovila’s higher intelligence system allows healthcare providers to now manage game-changing transformations with a level of objectivity and rigor worthy of their patient care. Third-party partners, stakeholders, and current technology systems all integrate seamlessly into one secure platform. 

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IT Services

Moovila helps IT service firms pitch and win more business by demonstrating objectively how their plans are better. System integrators, management consultants, and others use Moovila’s AI-powered project management system to measure, identify, and eliminate hidden risks and bottlenecks, resulting in plans that have been designed to maximize productivity, utilization, and error mitigation, and an objective score to validate it all. 

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Whether it’s taking a plant off-line for maintenance, upgrading machinery, or re-scheduling shifts due to a pandemic, any out-of-the-ordinary process that disrupts daily flow comes with risk—and cost. Now it’s easy to ensure business continuity no matter what comes at you:  Moovila is perfectly suited to let you manage rare, critical events with optimal efficiency, keeping people, projects, and parts connected and getting them back to their day-to-day production schedules with minimal waste. 

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Bringing people together around a common cause has never been easier with Moovila’s automated, AI-powered management system. You’ll have an interconnected, remote network to harnesses everyone’s unique skillsets, along with the latest tech tools for sophisticated planning, scheduling, and measuring greatness across teams and projects. Best part? With the help of Carmen, Moovila’s AI project management assistant, there’s no training required to follow best practices in project management.


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Financial Services

Think numbers are hard? Managing people is harder. That’s why financial service companies count on Moovila  to connect their team members, clients, and third parties in one intelligent, integrated system. Communication flows seamlessly, task accountability and approvals are clearly documented,  and progress stays visible throughout the life of the project. From automated scheduling and risk-management, to an AI-powered project management assistant,  Moovila guides you smoothly to where you want to go. 

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