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Understanding the mPIX Certification rating
The mPIX Certification badge signifies real-time monitoring and autonomous risk detection in your work processes. The badge transparently showcases the level of quality control by frequency of risk and remediation validation, product or service certification, and mPIX release recency.

Validation Frequency Rating

The frequency rating validates the frequency in which work plans are evaluated for preventable risk while the project or work effort is underway.


3 Ratings:

Real-time (RT)

The plan is continuously scanned for risks during the project.

Available today with Moovila Enterprise.

Every 14 Days (14)

The work plan is autonomously scanned for risk every 14 days or less during the project.

Coming soon.


The work plan is not being autonomously assessed for risk during the project.

Coming soon.

mPIX Release Version

This tag indicates the integrity level of the plan under certification.


Values are either P900 or P800. 


Both P800 and P900 ratings indicate plans that are constructed with high structural integrity, appropriate structural detail and are in accordance with a defined set of industry best practices for plan structure.


Plans that fail to receive a P800 rating are determined to have a high number of structural flaws and introduce unacceptable levels of preventable risk in a work effort.

Plan Category Rating

The mPIX certification system is governed by a standards committee comprised of industry practitioners, customer advocates, data scientists and signatory representatives.


The ratings system is periodically updated to reflect a risk and decisioning system informed by the latest advances in organizational design, work practice and machine learning.

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