Customer and partner

onboarding done right.

Start your customer experience off on the right foot. Discover the best way to onboard your customers and partners with Moovila’s integrated platform that helps accelerate speed to value, improve client satisfaction, and manage your teams – all in one place.

Only Moovila delivers 3 key technologies to launch and land successful onboarding.

1. Critical Path

Prediction & Execution

Moovila’s Critical Path Engine is the most advanced discrete math and predictive engine on the market. This means you will know where the risks are, how they could affect your project, and you'll be able to quickly make changes and inform all stakeholders.

2. Ensured Accountability

Ensuring accountability is one of the single most important and frequently ignored elements of a successfully managed project. Moovila requires acceptance and offers a transparent network of communication and progress so you stay on track.

3. Real-life Capacity Management


 Availability of key talent is a primary risk on every project. As schedules change, the ability to understand capacity can rapidly disintegrate. Moovila’s Real-life Capacity Management continually monitors and updates the capacity landscape so you aren’t caught off guard.

Empower onboarding from start to finish.

Improve the post-sales  transition
  • Introduce stakeholders through Moovila

  • Quick-start projects with templates

  • Customize with easy to use planning tools

  • Ensure coverage with team capacity analytics

  • Visually communicate timelines, scopes and resource requirements 

Accelerate and improve engagements
  • Avoid difficult client conversations with clear responsibilities and project status

  • Prioritize work with SmartSchedule

  • Optimize client-facing collaboration

  • Create agreements to ensure accountability 

  • Empower users to proactively escalate issues

  • Integrate with MS Teams, cloud storage, 

Streamline execution
  • Easily organize around teams and portfolios 

  • Understand capacity to eliminate bottlenecks

  • Manage with Critical Path, Gantt and Kanban views

  • Automate forecasting with Critical Path Engine

  • Reduce administration with user-driven status updates

  • Communicate around tasks, projects and teams

Manage and optimize your business
  • Understand predictive financial impacts

  • Visualize milestones and forecasted timelines

  • Review portfolios with centralized dashboards

  • Make smart staffing decisions based on real data

  • Access key project diagnostics at your fingertips

  • Analyze individual and team performance

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