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Partner / Customer Onboarding

Ensure an on-time, delightful onboarding experience.

Increase lifetime value and lower support costs with consistent, high quality onboarding for your partners and customers.

Better process, better experience.

With Moovila, you can offer a clear and concise onboarding process to your partners and customers, so you can realize revenue faster and create more successful relationships.

As our volume of partners continues to grow, our goal is to streamline our process so we can reduce costs, while at the same time improve our partner experience and more quickly bring our new partners online for the benefit of our clients. Moovila’s technology and team has been instrumental in centralizing all of our data and eliminating disconnected collaboration and task management systems.

 Ginny Drinker, Director of Strategic Alliances, Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG)

Spend more time building relationships and less time explaining logistics.​

Moovila Customer Onboarding Software
Leverage templates to expedite and standardize your processes
Moovila Customer Onboarding Software
Increase transparency and accountability for improved efficiency
Moovila Customer Onboarding Software
Clearly articulate the entire customer journey to streamline communications
Create a connected, empowered ecosystem.

Connect everyone involved in an all-in-one portal to work side-by-side and achieve shared goals.

Communicate seamlessly around your implementation

Use contextual chat to reduce systems and get task-level questions answered once, without confusing email chains.

Design engaging & repeatable learning modules

Our AI-powered PM coach, Carmen helps every delivery manager deliver like a pro.

Send messages to the right people, right when they need them.


With a clear visual overview of the process, it’s easy to see who’s engaged, how far they’ve gotten, and who is ready for the next step.

Track progress & improve your process.

Score your onboarding and training processes with RPAX, then eliminate obstacles using automation to debug your system for next time.

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Partner Onboarding Done Right

Learn how Moovila streamlined and managed the alliance partner program of an HCM cloud service provider.

See how Moovila can improve your onboarding processes