Moovila Project Management Software for Systems Integrators

Raven Intel + Moovila

Raven Intel and Moovila have partnered to help improve the quality and success of project work. By working together, we provide software customers and vendors a predictable and successful outcome with customer sentiment—and the metrics to prove it.


Raven Intel rates projects and the Systems Integrators/Software Vendors who are responsible for leading them so that future software customers can learn from past experiences and understand an SI’s track record of success.


Moovila delivers an industry-leading, AI-powered work management tool with project risk-scoring and remediation, helping software customers and Systems Integrators proactively manage projects so they result in optimal delivery.

HRMS Solutions on Raven Intelligence

Score and fix your projects with mPIX

Automatically score projects based on risk and structural integrity for an at-a-glance indication of success. 


Built by credit industry veterans and data science advisors, Moovila Project Integrity Index (mPIX) shows an accurate prediction of on-time delivery.


Like a credit score for your projects!

What's the process?

Raven Intel SIs will be provided the opportunity to have an mPIX score for project methodology visible on their Raven Intel profile. 


1.  Submit a project plan to Moovila. (SIs do not need to utilize Moovila for Project Management to get a mPIX methodology score.)


2.  Moovila will run the plan through mPIX and provide a project rating, plus provide guidance on any potential risks spotted and how to solve for them. (SIs will have the opportunity to improve their plan / score prior to posting to Raven Intel.)


3.  Once complete and approved, the SI has the ability to send their score to Raven Intel to promote on the SI’s profile.


We understand that your project plans are extremely important to you and your business, so we take protecting them very seriously. Rest assured that your plans will be secure during this process and completely discarded from our servers upon request. Read our Intelligent Project Control Privacy Policy here.

What's in it for me?

Buyers / Software Customers:  The mPIX score will show customers an objective rating, based upon industry best practices for their standard project methodology.


SIs:  Proof their project methodology is sound.


Raven Intel:  Project Rating content that goes beyond customer sentiment but is still objective.


Moovila: Potential for an SI to evaluate the Moovila Project Management platform

Leveraging Moovila and Raven Intel together allows us to demonstrate the level of excellence, diligence and management superiority we bring to each and every customer. We are dedicated to ensuring on-time and on-budget implementations with the highest satisfaction. Moovila facilitates real-time, transparent communication to our customers and helps eliminate surprises, all too frequently found in enterprise software implementations.


– Sunshine Brown, Chief Services Officer, HRMS

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