Moovila Release Notes

Moovila Version 5.20

Below is a summary of the product updates and enhancements that you will see in Moovila Version 5.20.

Project Portfolio View

Now contains a customizable grid with the following capabilities:

  • Column Selection

  • Column Resizing

  • Column Re-ordering (drag and drop)

  • Timeline Object Selection  (i.e. do we show milestones, forecast box, etc.)

  • Horizontal Scroll in List view

  • The addition of new column to display

  • Nested Sorting (up to four levels via shift-click)

  • Reset to Factory Default

  • Last column selection, column widths, column ordering and column sorting is remembered in user defaults


Project Critical Path

Cancelled tasks now take a duration of zero and have no impact on the timeline.


We're here to help. If you have any questions about the new functionality or using Moovila in general, please contact our Support team.