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Ensure a consistent customer onboarding experience

Increase customer lifetime value and lower support costs by ensuring a consistent, high quality onboarding experience for new customers. 

Smarter system, smoother experience

With Moovila, you can spend more time building relationships and less time explaining logistics.​

Leverage templates to expedite and standardize your processes

Increase transparency and accountability for improved efficiency

Clearly articulate the entire customer journey to streamline communications

Audit third-party integrators to ensure adherence to SLAs and brand standards

Give customers an all-in-one portal for getting up to speed

With everyone and everything connected, the customer experience goes inherently smoother.​

Create customer profiles for registration & implementation

Use contextual chat to get task-level questions answered once, without confusing email chains.

Design useful, engaging, and repeatable learning modules

Our AI-powered project management assistant, Carmen, helps every delivery manager deliver like a pro.

Send targeted messages to the right people, right when they need them

With a clear visual overview of the process, it’s easy to see who’s engaged, how far they’ve gotten, and who is ready for the next step.

Track progress and improve your process

Score your onboarding and training processes with mPix, then eliminate obstacles using automation to debug your system for next time.

Host a library of downloadable resources

Spend less time supporting out-of-sync documentation by leveraging a common set of onboarding resources.

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