Moovila Project Portfolio Management Software

Project Portfolio Management Software

Actively manage more than just your high ticket, in-the-red projects

Moovila’s intelligent, integrated system makes it easy to manage every project in your portfolio.

Take control of your projects and forego the juggling act.

Manage your entire project portfolio with more accuracy, automation, and accountability than you ever imagined possible.

Moovila Project Portfolio Management Software

Accuracy:  Find and fix risk factors in your project plans with our Critical Path Engine. It surfaces and analyzes risks in a way that spreadsheets simply can’t.

Moovila Project Portfolio Management Software

Automation:  Our AI-engine continuously analyzes your projects and alerts you to risks, monitoring every delay, dependency, and update across your entire project portfolio.

Moovila Project Portfolio Management Software

Accountability:  Don’t just assign work, create agreements that require acceptance. Moovila helps ensure that the people doing the work acknowledge assignments and agree to do them.

Work across teams and projects with ease

Collaborate with all team members, employees, executives, stakeholders, customers, vendors and third-party contributors across projects and silos. Get clear line of sight into who is doing what. Compare schedules, progress, workflows, and tasks from a range of views.

Find, flag, and fix problems with built-in project scoring

Moovila’s proprietary risk-scoring tool, mPIX, automatically and continuously rates your projects for probable success, in real time. When red flags appear, artificial intelligence steps in to help remediate risk. Built by credit industry veterans and data science advisors, mPIX shows an accurate prediction of on-time delivery.

Multiple projects, one organization

Track dependencies, resources, and timelines across all your projects, for a holistic view into how projects impact one another. Simple, clear visualizations mean you’re always able to see what is driving your bottom line.

Skip the SQL with customizable, pre-built dashboards

See all your projects or just your favorites. View expected delivery dates based on actual critical path status. Sort by project owner, phase, start date, blocked task, or whatever you need. And interrogate all of them, all the time, thanks to Moovila’s powerful backend intelligence.

Moovila Project Portfolio Management Software
Label projects as red, yellow, or green with confidence

The mPIX project risk scoring tool and Project Debugger give you an objective way to find and remediate project risk. Imagine being able to replicate your best project manager—the one you trust to know the status of their work down to the last detail—across every one of your projects.

No need for special training

Did you know that only 4% of project managers are actually trained in project management? That’s why we developed Carmen, an AI-powered project management assistant to guide you through PM best practices as you go. Relevant prompts tell you exactly what to focus on next, and how to improve your mPIX score. 

See how Moovila can help your project portfolio management skills shine