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Moovila eliminates project uncertainty, friction and delays so teams can successfully get work done.

96% of managers don’t know how to manage a project. 

If a manager can't turn their Gantt chart into a critical path, there’s no way they can accurately forecast a completion date. None—it’s mathematically impossible. They’re just guessing (and hoping). 


The facts are that there are 23.8 million managers* in the United States but only about 900,000 certified Project Management  Professionals in the world.** Statistically speaking, fewer than 4% of your talent who step in to run a project know how to ensure on-time delivery.


That’s 1 out of every 24 managers. The other 23 are counting on charisma, natural ability, luck, personal heroics, coercion, political air cover, or some combination thereof to get them through. 

* US Bureau of Labor Statistics, HBR 

**Project Management Institute 

The solution? AI-powered project diagnostics and remediation.

Moovila can help you address this issue and unlock the next leap in your ability to scale. From construction to retail, higher education to professional services, Moovila provides managers with the AI project management support they need to manage projects with excellence—no PERT distribution calculations required. 


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