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Fixing a Huge HR Problem: Moovila Brings Project Management Insights to HR Technology Conference & Exposition



Moovila®, the world’s smartest project and work management software



Will present “96% of HR Managers Don’t Know How to Manage a Project…Fix this Huge Problem” and exhibit during the HR Technology Conference & Exposition.



The conference will take place Tuesday, October 27 – Friday, October 30, 2020.

Moovila will present on Friday, October 30, at 12:10 p.m. ET.



For additional information and registration, visit

While almost everyone manages projects, 96 percent are doing it wrong – or at least making it up as they go along. That was only acceptable in the past because true project management required years of study, mastery of complex software and strong math ability. But what if the barriers to great project management suddenly fell away – what if new tools made managing projects suddenly easy?

During the HR Technology Conference and Exposition, Jason Seiden, chief marketing officer of Moovila, will explore the past and present of project management and show how modern, innovative technology can help manage HR projects flawlessly. Session attendees will learn about the latest solutions, how technology gives them the ability to execute with excellence on every project and why it’s time to evolve. Hello, digital transformation!

Moovila will also exhibit at the HR Technology Conference and encourage those interested in learning more about AI-powered project management to visit the company booth.

About Moovila®
Moovila® connects people and work in a single integrated environment bringing intelligence, automation and insights into a collaborative project management platform. Moovila models and manages workflows while seamlessly integrating the real-life capacity and schedules of the people and resources delivering the work.

Moovila empowers customers with clear and simple process design tools, automatic scheduling, real-life capacity management and analytics, IoT connectivity and a suite of collaboration and accountability tools all designed to connect and consolidate every aspect of work management. For the first time, organizations can manage their entire work ecosystem using the same data on the same platform, gaining a single source of truth. For more information, visit

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