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Resource Capacity Management

Forecast and plan with pinpoint accuracy

Finally, know with certainty how many resources you need to execute on time, even as projects evolve.

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In-flight projects change daily

As new deals enter your pipeline, customer delays occur, and staff availability fluctuates, all of these changes render the capacity plan and forecast you created yesterday... irrelevant.

“Do we have the right staff with the right skills to get the revenue in front of us with the best possible margins?”

Not without real-time resource management.

Better resource management


better margins

You can’t afford to wait on an update for resource capacity planning.

Find accurate answers, now.

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Time Tracking

In-flight Projects

Sales Opportunities

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Employee Calendars

Resource Skills

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Only Moovila connects the information about your current projects, data from your CRM about sales opportunities, and availability from your staff’s calendars and updates in real time to give you the latest, most accurate answers.

Get a clear view of availability

Understand your team's capacity in a blink to gauge workload and see where adjustments can be made.

Team Capacity Forecasting
resource capacity data
See a complete view of capacity

Connect all resource data across your portfolio from in-flight projects, opportunities in your CRM, agile work, team calendars, and project intake for a more accurate picture of availability.

project planning
Plan with varying levels of detail

Include both resource guesstimates and/or fully detailed project plans. And, keep your data accurate in the systems you're integrating with in the process.

resource management automation
Get updates in real-time

Watch your resource capacity data update in real time when you edit a task, project or assignment. No more wondering or waiting to see how a change affects your project plans.

resource scenario modeling
Model resource scenarios

Make informed decisions by creating scenarios such as what if you lost this person? or what if you added 5 SQL engineers?.

resource budgeting
Validate resource budgets

Validate your project plans and avoid over-allocating resources with interactive budgeting tools that monitor your plans and highlight areas requiring reconciliation.

capacity alerts
Automate risk remediation

Know how every change impacts your projects in real time. If delays occur, Moovila alerts you to risk, updates your timeline, and guides you through remediation.

chrizanna dsilva ukg

Moovila has allowed our team to plan out our pipeline for priorities and capacity with a better understanding. This has allowed us to run our team efficiently and effectively and set realistic expectations.

Chrizanna D'Silva, Senior Business Project Manager, UKG

Plan with precision

Our capacity planning and resource management tools empower you to know team availability, manage workloads, and forecast capacity in real time. 

Stronger, actionable dashboard insights

See a comprehensive view of your workforce to understand who’s overloaded, which projects need more resources (and when), and who is underutilized. Drill-down within your interactive charts to view and modify assignments based on real-time capacity levels.

Find the right person for the job


Assign work based on match strength

Assign tasks based on skills, role, and real-time availability. Moovila’s resource recommendation engine serves up the best suited teammate for each task to remove uncertainty and ensure success.

resource skill management

Automatically identify capacity conflicts

Proactively find and solve capacity conflicts with 24/7 risk monitoring. If conflicts arise, the project debugger surfaces them with instructions on quick remediation.

capacity management

Create plans that align with your budget

resource budget management

Intelligent Budget Control

Easily load resources at a high level before your project schedule is fully built out. As your project plan gets defined and more work is added, Moovila helps keep your plan aligned with your budget.

Simplify processes with integrated time tracking

Lighten the burden of time tracking and increase accuracy of time data with easy to use time entry that's built right into work tickets so you can you bill faster and more accurately.

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integrated time tracking

Customize and monitor all of your capacity data

Create custom panels to track and analyze data from current projects, project intake, and upcoming opportunities from your CRM. Powerful chart shaping tools help you set targets and filter, group, sort, restrict, and layout your capacity data so you can easily monitor what's most important.

Empower project contributors

Integrate calendars to help teammates understand their true availability and express task overload. Automatically recommend what to work on and when by prioritizing assignments and forecasting late tasks based on real-time capacity with SmartSchedule.

moovila resource management

A connected ecosystem with easy integrations

Operate with precision by connecting all of your data sources. Integrate calendars, CRM, billing, resources, and more so our project engine can factor in all pertinent information to give you the answers you need, in one place.

Know what’s ahead with Moovila

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