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Moovila Holiday 2022

Moovila Holiday 2022

Our mission is to help people work on more sophisticated initiatives with fewer errors. Progress is about automating and programming work, not manually managing it. 


We geek out over project management

Someone had to build a discrete math engine to autonomously manage the way we work. Moovila was created to take on the riskiest issues with project management that no productivity tool addresses. So, like any good group of data scientists and engineers, we started solving them.   

Just as it doesn’t make sense today for an accountant to manually calculate balance sheet totals, it also doesn’t make sense for project managers to calculate redundant, risk-prone tasks such as scheduling, timeline changes, and capacity balancing.  

Moovila's Milestones & History



Dynamic Resource Modeling Introduced

DRM is a suite of PSA and PM functionality that provides accurate, real-time forecasting, workload, and capacity modeling. 



Award-Winning Innovation Recognized

Moovila wins the CODiE SIIA Award for Best Project Management Solution 



Intelligent Project Control Introduced


IPC is a suite of automated risk identification and remediation tools that monitor and optimize projects. 



The Komatsu Partnership

Komatsu partnered with Moovila to develop Smart Construction Field and Office 



Moovila Founded

Seeing a gap in work automation, Mike and his team developed Moovila, the first autonomous work and project management solution.  


"It's historic. Moovila allowed our 30+ users to manage and accept ownership of 10,000+ tasks without having to sit through a single communication or status meeting."

– Heather Abel, Project Coordinator, Komatsu Mining Corp. Group

Looking under the hood of

Autonomous Work Management


At the heart of Moovila lies a discrete-math engine that utilizes a directed acyclic graph to automate, inform and predict project and work management.


It is also responsible for creating the most efficient schedules, understanding real-world capacity, and where the critical supply and demand of resources are at risk in the continuity of work. Much of the technology we rely on uses both discrete math and directed acyclic graphs; web-searches, Google Maps, cell phone communications, and cryptography depend on these mathematical constructs to deliver accurate answers in a split second so we can access information faster. 

Moovila's AI technology provides guidance and instruction enabling users to architect and execute projects in the most efficient manner possible while its machine-learning assists organizations around the unique dynamics of their work. All of this technology is delivered via a SOC II, GDPR, compliant, web, mobile, responsive platform so our customers’ users, across the globe, can safely collaborate. 

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Amana Kubista
What an amazing team! I love working with such smart, passionate, and kind people on exciting innovations. Things are fast-paced at Moovila, but the team is incredibly supportive and encourages participation from every employee. (Oh, and the catered team lunches and in-office yoga doesn't hurt either!)

Amanda Kubista  |  Creative

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 8.18.22 PM.png
Type 1 fun is like a water slide. It’s fun when you’re sliding down, and all your memories are of how fun it was. Moovila is “Type 2” fun; like a backpacking adventure. You think it’s going to be just pure fun, but while you’re on the journey, there’s an amazing mix of thrills and really difficult work. It’s no waterslide, but it’s massively fulfilling and loaded with amazing experiences.

Vince Jajuga  |  Sales

Great place to work! Fun and challenging environment with talented and supportive team members, caring and visionary leadership, and amazing growth potential.
I love this job!

Bucky Jobe  |  Operations

Moovila actually cares about the well-being of its employees. There is always room for taking on new challenges, stretching your skills and expanding your expertise. It is a highly engaged workforce that is very supportive of one another. Moovila provides a safe environment where you are rewarded for taking intelligent chances, learning from mistakes and going the extra mile.

Whitney Asnip  |  Marketing

Meet our leaders and advisors

Moovila is led by team of industry veterans who have previously founded, grown and successfully built technology businesses. 

Leadership Team         Advisory Board  


Leadership Team

Learn more about our Leadership Team.


Mike Psenka

President & CEO

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 8.18.22 PM.png

Vince Jajuga

VP Sales & Alliances


Bruce Dunbar

VP Quality


Brian Duncan

Chief Technology Officer

Bucky Headshot.jpg

Bucky Jobe

VP Operations

Parker Sox _edited.jpg

Parker Sox

Sr. Director, Product Mgmt.


Whitney Asnip

VP Communications


Matthew Stoltz

VP Marketing


Zoey Cole

VP Integrative & Autonomous Technologies


Amanda Kubista

VP Brand & Creative


Advisory Board

Our Strategic Advisors have several decades of experience running and growing both enterprise and consumer businesses in Fortune 1000 companies, taking companies public and engaging in successful M&A. 

Learn more about our Strategic Advisors.

Our Data Science Advisors provide invaluable experience and contribute to the strategy and execution of the AI, machine learning and analytics that drive the machine to deliver insights and autonomous work management.

Learn more about our Data Science Advisors.

0008_Tim Kelly.jpg

Tim Kelly

Strategic Advisor:



John Gamble

Strategic Advisor:


0007_Dann Adams.jpg

Dann Adams

Strategic Advisor:

Sales & Business Development


Jim Young, Ph.D.

Data Science Advisor:

Statistics, Mathematics, Machine Learning, Information Theory & Optimization


Christopher Bader, Ph.D.

Data Science Advisor:

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Computational Linguistics

Ventana Research Digital Innovation Award
SAAS awards finalist
Most Promising Collaboration Solution
HRO Today Finalist