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Eliminate surprises with automated project risk scoring.

“Being the first company to achieve RPAX Gold verification further underscores our commitment to our customers and our ability to demonstrate and validate the level of excellence, diligence, project transparency and implementation superiority we provide."

Sunshine Brown HRMS

Sunshine Brown, Chief Services Officer, HRMS

What is RPAX?

Project success, quantified with AI.

RPAX (Robotic Project Assessment Index) is an AI-powered indicator of your project's health, progress, and likelihood of success. It's an objective and precise smoke alarm for every project built by credit industry veterans, data science professionals, and project management experts.

Executives and Program Mangers use RPAX to quickly identify at-risk projects in their portfolios. The AI algorithm uses task-level data from each project schedule alongside heuristics from project management best practices to build a clear health indicator for each project. RPAX is also a key feature of Intelligent Project Control, Moovila's industry-leading project risk detection and mitigation suite.

RPAX Project Score
RPAX Gold Certification
Differentiate from competitors with RPAX Certification

How can your clients trust you to deliver on time? RPAX Certification can instill customer confidence in your delivery and help you differentiate your company in a crowded competitive field. The certification process validates project management excellence using the RPAX engine, Intelligent Project Control, and insights from project management experts.

What gets measured, gets managed


Certify your company with RPAX


your company’s work processes


with ongoing best practices


your brand with work you can trust


new business and repeat customers


the industry in delivering higher work standards


with risk detection always running in the background

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