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Perfect Project

Bring mathematical precision to your entire project portfolio

Unlock seamless portfolio management with Perfect Project: AI-driven project automation that empowers you to build, run, and debug with confidence.

The new era of project management is here

Project management demands planning, communication, and execution. Yet, many PM tools lag in the digital age. As work complexity grows, we aim to simplify project managers' roles by minimizing manual tasks and errors. By harnessing APMM, we take the burden off of PMs, empowering them to improve efficiencies and project outcomes.


Get it right the first time

Critical Path Management

Critical Path Automation

The Critical Path Engine—more than just a network diagram—clearly visualizes each project's critical path, highlights delayed tasks, and shows the cascading impact of those delays.

Project view options

Easily access Gantt chart, calendar, Kanban, Power Grid, thumbnail, and dashboard views.

Inter-project dependencies

Understand how cross-project work affects your entire portfolio to prevent bottlenecks.
Inter-Project Dependencies

Anchor date back-scheduling

Automate back date calculations in project schedules to determine the timing of surrounding tasks for immovable dates.
Anchor Dates
Critical Path Engine

Build plans with fewer errors and far less risk

Synchronize every aspect of your project with RPAX, our AI-driven scheduling engine. Using the power of APMM, it precisely forecasts timelines and vigilantly monitors risks, ensuring timely execution and keeping you on track.

What is the Critical Path Method?

Moovila automates the Critical Path Method (CPM) process, saving hundreds of hours of manual calculations, even as changes occur. 
Download our introductory guide to CPM to learn more.

Built to deliver accurate insights

Project Portfolio View

The best part: Perfect Project gives you data you can trust.

Perfect Project's dashboards aggregate granular, real-time data from tasks and time entries—instead of simple lists and percentage-based allocation estimates—to give you the most accurate picture of your work ecosystem possible. And, everything is continuously updated in real time.


Autonomous project timeline monitoring and remediation

RPAX continuously scans your projects for problems like capacity conflicts, invalid dates and critical path delays, automatically surfaces those risks, and helps you quickly resolve them to prevent delays.
RPAX project schedule monitoring

Score project health with RPAX

This indicator of project health, progress, and likelihood of success proactively monitors risk, 24/7. 

Proactively identify hidden risks

A project debugger that monitors risk, 24/7 with no manual search. Find structural flaws and get alerted as risks surface. 


"Why Moovila? The automation. Automation in finding what could cause risk within the specific project before ever going live."

Kayla Williams, Director of Program Management, Benefit Harbor


Empower communication, accountability, and clarity

Team Collaboration
Task Acceptance

Enhance collaboration with teams and task acceptance

Task updates automatically cascade across the entire ecosystem in Moovila, so if there is a delay or change of plans, everyone will know right away.

And, task acceptance is required, adding accountability to both the assigner and assignee, ensuring that everyone sees and understands the work required of them.


Real-time budgets and profitability

Automatically build and track project budgets based on work estimates, and get precise profitability forecasts based on your project plan and time tracking data. Visualize these calculations with dashboards and reports to get a clear picture of your portfolio's finances.


Gain high-level visibility with dynamic dashboards

Keep essential information at your fingertips with Moovila's intuitive and customizable dashboards. Panels can be set up in just a few clicks, and dashboard templates can be shared with others to save setup time and give leaders the same view into their teams.

Empower your project contributors

Moovila doesn't just help project managers. It also empowers the people doing the work by helping them understand and prioritize their tasks, and view their true capacity, enabling them to communicate–with supportive data–if they are overloaded.

Get the right people with the right skills on the right tasks
at the right time

Our resourcing capacity forecasting tools give you the visibility and control you need to deliver on time and on budget.

Skill matching-Graham.png

Easy integrations


Streamline execution and connect all pertinent project data in one platform.

Moovila Integrations
Moovila Integrations
Moovila Integrations
Moovila Integrations
Moovila Integrations

Moovila Integrations

See how Moovila empowers PMs

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