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Automate best practices in project management

Our proprietary Critical Path Engine automatically applies project management best practices to your plans, setting your projects—and you—up for success.

The critical path to success

Modern work and project management best practices suggest proven ways to design plans and deploy risk management techniques to avoid deviation from those plans. However, not everyone knows those best practices, and many who do lack the time and resources to implement them. Whatever challenges you face, our project management suite of tools picks up where humans leave off.

Drive your project to on-time completion

Moovila’s proprietary Critical Path Engine makes sure every step of your project is scheduled and synchronized for on-time execution. First, it builds out a digital architecture of your project by collecting all of the pertinent data needed to forecast timelines, and then it autonomously creates schedules and manages variations in work so you can adapt to change in real time.

Find and fix obstacles in your project plans

Once your project is launched, our unique engine continuously looks for and analyzes risk factors, surfacing them in a way that spreadsheets simply can’t. Risks are scored numerically and prioritized by level of severity, with AI-assistance instructing you with step-by-step though remediation. And unlike humans, Moovila can interrogate every line of every project for those risk factors, and do so every minute of every day.

Every task is synchronized for efficiency

Moovila performs this analysis across your entire portfolio down to the SmartTask level, while seamlessly incorporating live data from the resources contributing to your projects. The engine provides diagnostic insights to remove the uncertainty created by workplace variability.

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