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Critical Path Automation

Unburden project schedule management

Moovila's discreet math engine automates project schedule management to relieve you of the tedious, continuous calculations required to accurately forecast timelines. Proactive risk monitoring, identification and remediation also help to prevent costly delays.

Project Schedule Monitoring

Perfect timelines with automated critical path management

Ensuring on-time project delivery requires meticulous management of every data point contributing to your projects. Yet, while project management best practices offer a roadmap for effective planning and risk mitigation, many lack the training or resources to execute them. That's where our AI-driven platform comes in, bridging the gap and ensuring your projects stay on track.

Easily build projects right the first time

Intuitively construct projects with a drag-and-drop tool that helps users of all skill levels create well-built plans. Our automation engine enforces structural integrity and forecasts all dates to ensure a clear and reliable view of delivery.

Critical Path Software

Designed for
on-time execution

Our critical path automation engine makes sure every part of your project is scheduled and synchronized to help you deliver on time, every time.

onboarding software
onboarding timelines
Project Debugging

Find and fix obstacles in your project plans

The engine then autonomously manages your project schedule and adapts to change as projects evolve over time. It continuously analyzes every line of every project for risks and surfaces them with guided remediation.

What is the Critical Path Method?

The Critical Path Method (CPM) is a project management technique for analyzing, planning, and scheduling large, complex projects. Moovila automates this process, saving you time and hassle by eliminating manual calculations and reducing errors–especially as changes occur.


Read our introductory guide to learn more.

Automate task and schedule updates

Rest assured that all project dates are current and accurate. The engine is constantly analyzing your schedule and factoring in task and resource updates. So when delays occur, the engine calculates the effects, suggests newer, more accurate dates, and helps you update your entire schedule with one click. 

Project Dependencies

"Why Moovila? The ability to customize project plans, better critical path technology and REAL focus on user experience. Less effort, better outcomes, and much better communication overall."

– Stephen McManus, IT Project Manager, eGroup

Manage projects like an expert PM

An AI-powered project management coach guides you through risk remediation along with micro-learning around best practices so you can fix issues correctly and in the right order. This empowers users of all skill levels to successfully manage projects.

AI project management
AI Project management

Ready to see Moovila's powerful automation in action?

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