Execution is everything.

Moovila eliminates project uncertainty, friction and delays so teams can get work done.

What we deliver and why

We make the most intelligent project management software on the market. Our tools connect people, increase accountability, facilitate better communication, and eliminate the friction that leads to delays, and stress.

Accountable work


Accurate plan & timeline forecasting

Connected People & Work

We deliver real-time, accurate forecasts and validate work plans to ensure execution. Our proprietary Critical Path Engine models and manages the complex processes involved in getting work done and automatically suggests the most efficient way to prioritize tasks across your entire portfolio of work. 

Moovila connects all resources contributing to work. Working in a materials-intensive industry, IoT data integration allows businesses to use live information such as geo-fencing, GPS location, and machine capacity and schedules to automatically inform timelines and progress of work. 

A single source of truth

Tasks, people, and resources – all in once place.

Manage your entire work ecosystem using the same data, on the same platform to execute work.

Critical Path Modeling

PM best practices begin with setting a plan and deploying risk management techniques to avoid deviation from that plan. But, work does not always go as planned. Moovila's Critical Path Engine digitally architects your project and collects all of the data needed to forecast timelines, autonomously create schedules, and manage variation in work so you can immediately adapt to change. The engine also provides diagnostic insights to remove the uncertainty created by workplace variability.

Project management tool for the real world.

Human Empowerment

We focus on empowering people. 

Get the visibility and insights your team needs to make smart decisions quickly, ease difficult conversations, and keep work moving forward. Moovila enables collaboration for all stakeholders, from individual contributors to executives, to customers and vendors with features such as autonomous work scheduling and prioritization via SmartSchedule, the ability to include third parties in teams, and Real-life Capacity Management. Plus, user level prompts and reminders to boost accountability and engagement.

Resource Connectivity

We enable collaboration right at the source.

Rest assured that all of the data contributing to your work is accounted for. Moovila connects disparate resources into one centralized work operating system through integrations, IoT connectivity, geo-fencing, and GPS location to automatically inform timelines and the progress of work. So whether it's extended collaborators such as customers and vendors, materials in a supply chain, or the machinery executing your tasks, you can understand how resources impact your projects, and ultimately, bottom line. 

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execute on


more projects 

At eGroup, we’re constantly looking for opportunities to streamline our projects and more efficiently utilize our time. Since implementing Moovila, I’m able to effectively manage and execute on 25% more projects, more efficiently manage engineering resources, and my clients appreciate the improved transparency.

Steve McManus, Project Manager, PMP, eGroup
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