Higher intelligence in work management.

Moovila is the only AI-powered platform to identify risks and eliminate obstacles so you can reliably deliver on time and on budget.


Partner Spotlight

See how Komatsu is leveraging Moovila's technology to transform the construction industry.

Moovila was an integral part of the successful planning and execution with our enterprise-wide Workday Implementation project. Especially in the early stages, it gave us a clear picture of the critical path, where potential risks existed and how we could manage against those risks as the project developed. Now that Workday is up and running – on time and on budget – we are expanding the Moovila automated work management technology across other critical initiatives in our organization.

Keith Morrison, VP Total Rewards, Meijer

Deliver on time

Our Critical Path Engine digitally architects your project and collects data needed to forecast timelines, autonomously create schedules, and manage work variation so you can quickly adapt to change. To help remove any uncertainty created by workplace variability, our engine provides diagnostic insights to keep projects on their path to completion.

One intelligent, integrated system.

Say hello to the first project management system complete with a built-in project manager.

Connect your entire work ecosystem using the same data on a single platform with a clear visual path, AI-coaching, and project productivity scoring.

Empower your entire team 

Gain visibility and key insights to make smart decisions quickly and keep workflow moving forward. Enable collaboration for all stakeholders, including individual contributors, executives, customers and vendors, with SmartSchedule, an autonomous work scheduling and prioritization feature, third party teams, and Real-life Capacity Management. Receive automated user promp­­­ts and reminders to boost accountability and engagement every step of the way.

Connect & collaborate from a single source

All of your project’s data integrates to inform your timelines and work progress, regardless of data type. Moovila connects all data sources into one centralized operating system through integrations, IoT connectivity, geo-fencing, and GPS location. You’ll see how all of your resources impact your projects. Whether it’s from collaborative customers and vendors, materials in a supply chain, or from the machinery executing your tasks, you’ll have a clear vision of what is driving your bottom line. 


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