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Moovila Activate Onboarding Software

Optimize your onboarding processes and recognize revenue faster

Moovila Activate automates your work streams from closed-won deal to delivery to customer success. Accelerate your client, partner and acquisition onboarding.

No disjointed reporting. No resourcing guesses. No delayed revenue. No worries. 

Most onboarding projects cost 3-4 times more than originally budgeted*

*According to G2

Stop risking time to revenue!

Get a clear line of sight and deliver on time, every time with Moovila Activate.

onboarding software
onboarding timelines
partner onboarding done right

Partner onboarding done right

Learn how Moovila Activate streamlined and transformed the alliance partner program of an HCM cloud service provider.

Moovila Activate

Optimize resources for profitability

Comprehensive, automated work and resource management

Moovila Activate connects your projects, CRM data, resource information, and team calendars into a centralized record that updates itself in real time. Always know your team's precise availability, if and when you need to hire, and who to assign work to so you can consistently deliver on time.

Real-time resource management and capacity analysis 
project management
crm software

Time Tracking

In-flight Projects

Sales Opportunities

resource skill management

Employee Calendars

Resource Skills

If all of these data categories aren't feeding your resource picture, you can't accurately plan capacity or forecast timelines.

Align skills and capacity with project demands 

Easily find the best suited teammate for each task and assign work based on skills, role, and availability.

Skill matching-Graham.png
capacity management

Balance workloads and beat burnout

See, balance, and plan your workforce accurately in real-time, even as changes occur. And, prevent overloading top performers with alerts to capacity conflicts across your portfolio.

Track time and work in the same place

Keep projects running smoothly and on budget to bill more accurately and easily.

  • Review and approve time & expenses

  • Drill down by person, tasks, projects, billable/non-billable hours

  • Connect to QuickBooks for invoicing 

Time Tracking Dashboard
Time tracking and approval

"Now that Workday is up and running – on time and on budget – we are expanding the Moovila automated work management technology across other critical initiatives in our organization."

Keith Morrison, VP Total Rewards, Meijer
Moovila Activate

Deliver on time and on budget

Autonomous schedule monitoring

Only Moovila Activate helps you proactively solve problems and prevent delays that erode margins with 24/7 schedule monitoring and AI-powered remediation.

Quickly resolve issues in your plan with guided,
AI-powered remediation.

IPC Defined-BlueOutlines_edited.png

Dynamically score project health and receive automatic alerts when issues arise.

Autonomously scan workstreams for issues like structural flaws, capacity conflicts and delayed milestones.

Budgeting software

Create or adjust plans that align with your budgets 

Easily load resources at a high level before your onboarding schedule is fully built out. Moovila Activate keeps your plan up-to-date and aligned with your budget, even as work is added or changed.

customer journey

Client communication and visibility

Clearly show the customer journey to set expectations. Customers can see how their delays impact the timeline, saving you from a tough conversation.

revenue forecasting software

Revenue recognition forecasting

Moovila Activate connects your project plans with resource and time tracking data so you can accurately forecast profitability. 

resource modeling software

Resource scenario modeling

Create what-if scenarios to make smarter decisions around workforce planning—and your bottom line.​


"Moovila helps not only identify issues with our plans but helps us take proper action earlier. Then combine that with the integration with calendars, capacity analysis and resource management, and we have a revolutionary change within our organization."

Sunshine Brown, Customer Success Manager, HRMS Solutions
Moovila Activate

Continuously improve processes

process improvement

Process improvement made easy 

Know if you delivered on time, and if not, see exactly what to adjust with process intelligence so you can: 

  • Dial in project bids

  • Develop clearer cost estimations

  • Forecast with more accuracy

Always on. Always accurate. 

Moovila’s automation platform ensures that all your data is automated, accurate, and readily available to provide clear answers to your business's most critical questions.


With Moovila Activate, you'll never have to wonder:

project scheduling

Are we on time?


Are we properly staffed?

project budgeting

How profitable, exactly, are we? 

automated risk detection

What are the hidden risks?

The 5 Most Dangerous Vulnerabilities in Every Onboarding Project

The 5 Most Dangerous 

Vulnerabilities in Every Onboarding Project

Learn how to prevent hidden risks that cause costly onboarding delays and optimize resource management  >>

Smart platform. Easy integrations.

Moovila Integrations
Moovila Integrations
Moovila Integrations
Moovila Integrations
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Moovila Integrations

Moovila Integrations

See how you can decrease your time-to-revenue

Combine the best of resource planning, reporting, process automation, and project/program management into a single seamless experience.

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