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How Moovila Helped Heavy Equipment Manufacturer, Komatsu, Gain a Competitive Advantage with Project Management Automation


How much room is there to grow for a $22B market cap heavy industrial equipment manufacturer among the harshest market conditions in modern history? How about 30% year-over-year and 12% quarter-over-quarter as of January.* For over a decade, Komatsu has carved out a competitive advantage through the use of autonomous technologies from self-driving equipment to self-driving projects.

An interview with Komatsu's project leader

Listen to the podcast for the full story.

“Moovila allowed our 30+ users to manage and accept ownership of 10,000+ tasks without having to sit through a single communication or status meeting.” 

Heather Abel, Project Coordinator


Komatsu Mining Corp. Group


Creating a legacy in autonomy with self-driving vehicles

Komatsu Mining has been manufacturing Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) equipment for over fourteen years, and that investment has paid off. Competitors cannot keep up with their productivity and safety benefits.

Autonomous mining by the numbers*​​

  • 4 billion+ tons of essential materials moved  

  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in customer savings 

  • 400 trucks across 13 mine sites 

  • 14 years of commercial operation  

  • 0 system-related injuries reported 

  • 15% productivity increase 

  • 13% reduction in maintenance 

  • 24/7 uptime capabilities



Komatsu and Moovila: enter the self-driving project 

Komatsu Mining has successfully managed building their new headquarters and production facilities in Milwaukee with only a small core team and Moovila's autonomous project management software. The $285 million project is operating on time and within budget.  

Moovila's technology helped Komatsu by delivering:​​

  • Autonomous project risk monitoring, 24/7

  • Automatic timeline & data adjustments

  • Project scoring and risk remediation

  • Resource “what if” scenario modeling

  • Easy full-portfolio reporting & collaboration

Komatsu Mining’s facility project by the numbers:

  • 4-year, $285 million dollar project (on time) 

  • Operating near 0.1% of CAPEX targets 

  • Zero impact to customers

  • Millions of dollars in productivity gains  

  • 10,000+ tasks 

  • 600+ employees 



The timing for autonomy couldn’t be better (or more essential) 

The inflationary market has had companies looking for ways to do more with less – all in the midst of the tailing pandemic, the war in Ukraine, supply chain chaos, labor shortages, and the great resignation. To counter uncertainty, autonomous project management is fighting back against decades-old statistics around failure, labor shortages, and turnover.  

47% of projects face turnover (correlated to overruns and low customer satisfaction) 

50% of projects fail to deliver results as planned 

35% of projects are over budget 

Projects with no team turnover are 5X more likely to be delivered on time

38% of all projects are late, and half of those are late by 2X or more 

98% of project plans have fundamental flaws 

25 million new project professionals needed by 2030 

That’s according to the PMI 2021 Talent Gap report.*

It’s not just about filling positions. Project management is taking on a more strategic role.  

2.3 million PMs will need to be hired every year to keep up with demand. Expect even more competition and job-hopping. PM-related roles make 78% more than their non-management counterparts and software development will see the largest demand increase (14%), followed by:​​

  • Professional services 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Finance & Insurance 

  • Construction 

  • Utilities 

  • Oil & Gas 

There's an alternative to failure:

Moovila's autonomous project management software takes on all of the challenges with risk monitoring, built-in change management automation, and resource modeling.


Beyond task management: autonomous tech will drive PMO success

Autonomous project management is augmenting the PMO by alleviating the mundane, but necessary tasks such as recalculating resources and timelines automatically when there is a change (like a resignation) in the product roadmap. The technology is available today, and companies like Komatsu have proven its efficacy.


See autonomous project management in action

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