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Project management solutions provider Moovila recognized among 10 Most Promising Collaboration Solution Providers

CIO Review Moovila

CHARLESTON, S.C., Nov. 2, 2018 / PRNewswire / — Project management software innovator Moovila has been named among CIOReview's 10 Most Promising Collaboration Solution Providers for 2018.

The company was selected by a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, analysts and CIOReview's editorial board based on its innovative approach to collaboration and success in meeting the ever-changing needs of customers across segments such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare and others.

Research shows that fully half of all collaborative projects fail, with less than a third successfully completed on time and on budget, consequently costing businesses hundreds of millions of dollars. Among the top reasons for failure are lack of visibility and transparency into the project status, unclear goals and responsibilities, and gaps in communication.

Moovila's award-winning solution to that prevalent and systemic issue is a breakthrough collaboration platform that delivers a clear and actionable diagnosis of project health, empowers proactive problem solving and fosters dynamic and nimble critical path management to ensure on-time and on budget success.

Moovila's solution hinges on the understanding that virtually every collaborative project has its own "critical path" – the sequence of dependent tasks that defines the shortest time for project completion. The company's proprietary Critical Path Engine provides an in-depth analysis of the functions and predicts areas that could potentially derail a project.  This level of visualization then sets the stage for Moovila's three-pronged approach to collaboration:

  • Connectivity – connecting all key stakeholders in a secure environment

  • Accountability – clarifying who is responsible for what, and by when

  • Predictability – forecasting the probability of on-time completion, and continuously running project diagnostics and scenarios to improve outcomes

In essence, the platform creates a collaborative project environment where risks are identified and headed off before they derail a project, individuals understand and buy into their roles, and project status is available at a glance. This 360 view allows leaders and managers to avoid the cost overruns and revenue losses of projects that are delayed or fail entirely.

"We're honored to be named as a top collaboration provider," said Mike Psenka, Moovila president and CEO. "We have worked hard to understand the issues companies face with collaboration and project failure and design a solution that can help solve them. Our customers have been great partners in this journey and this recognition confirms we are on the right path."

About Moovila

Moovila connects people and work in a single integrated environment bringing intelligence, automation and insights into a collaborative work platform. Moovila models and manages workflows while seamlessly integrating the real-life capacity and schedules of the people and resources delivering the work.


Moovila empowers customers with clear and simple process design tools, automatic scheduling, real-life capacity management and analytics, IoT connectivity and a suite of collaboration and accountability tools all designed to connect and consolidate every aspect of work management. For the first time, organizations can manage their entire work ecosystem using the same data on the same platform. For more information, visit

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