Intelligent Project Control

Deliver on time, every time.

Most platforms don’t react fast enough for projects' evolving needs.

Only Moovila monitors your projects 24/7 so you can proactively solve problems to prevent delays. 

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Intelligent Project Control - mPIX & Carmen Overview
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Eliminate surprises with 24/7 risk monitoring

Don't wait for fires to break out. Moovila continuously monitors your projects for risks and alerts you to issues when they arise so you can proactively solve them. That means no more project crashing, fire drills and burnout.

Project health score

Get an at-a-glance indication of project success with an objective measure of project health.

  • Continuously scan for 20+ risk factors

  • Adjust plans to improve your score

  • Understand which projects need attention

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RPAX Project Scoring
Project Debugger

Project debugger

Developers have a debugger for their code, now you can have a debugger for your projects.

  • Automatically spot capacity conflicts, invalid dates, and delays

  • Find and fix hidden structural flaws

  • Get alerts for milestones at risk

Guided remediation

Our AI-powered project management coach guides you through PM best practices with real-time micro-learning and risk remediation at every step.

  • Get on-demand PM guidance

  • Receive alerts with step-by-step instruction

  • Manage projects like a pro, no certification required

Project Management Coach

We needed a tool that would help our consultants be better at project management first and foremost. Moovila helps not only identify issues with their plans but helps them take proper action earlier. Then combine that with the integration with calendars, capacity analysis and resource management, and we have a revolutionary change within our organization.

Sunshine Brown, Customer Success Manager, HRMS Solutions

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