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How project "confidence scores" help you deliver on time

See how Moovila's AI project scoring tool RPAX helps users of all levels build and manage well structured plans that present accurate delivery dates so you will know the true likelihood of your project being delivered on time.

Moovila is the only AI-powered work management platform that automatically scores your projects to give an objective indication of project success. Some call it a project health score. We also like to call it a "project confidence" score because it helps you know exactly where you stand at any given moment so you can confidently communicate project status given all of the details that lead to your score.

The score goes from 1-1000 and factors in risk items such as invalid dates, fragmentation, capacity conflicts, and late milestones. So if your score falls to a 350 for example, you know that there are areas that need immediate attention. Without this instant and accurate health check, you can't be confident that things are going as smoothly as planned.

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You can also check out more helpful videos and take a self-guided tour of RPAX here.



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