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Improve your Partner Experience: 3 Ways to Empower your Partner Teams

Upward of 70% of global revenue comes from third-party channels. It’s undeniable that most organizations rely on their partner ecosystems to be a consistent source of earnings each year. However, despite funding that partners provide, the alliance and channel partner relationships oftentimes take a backseat to direct sales initiatives. That landscape is changing. In 2019, 39% of global B2B marketing decision-makers ranked improving the partner experience a top priority.

So, what can you do to commit to improving your partner experience in 2020?

1. Standardize your partner journey

Once the contract is signed, do your partners know what’s expected of them? Do they know how long they should plan for onboarding? What are the steps they need to take before you can realize revenue together?

Many partnerships fail to reach their full potential because expectations and responsibilities are not clearly laid out. Companies spend hundreds of hours agonizing over their customer experience but do not give the same time and attention to their partners. Fully map your partner journey in a way that can be clearly communicated. Additionally, standardizing the process is the only way you can create benchmarks to measure your success so you can analyze and continuously improve. While the individual relationships and goals might be different, the consistency will improve the experience and outcomes for your team and your partners.

2. Give your team the tools necessary to succeed

A Forrester analysis indicates that "Those who use a channel sales enablement technology solution show a 22% increase in hitting sales quota." Just like your sales team, you must give your partner team the tools for their specific needs. It’s important to recognize that the needs of partner teams are different than your standard, direct sales model. The relationships are layered and managing their unique requirements shouldn’t be jammed into an out-of-the-box CRM solution. Make sure you are empowering your alliance partner teams to find the best solutions for their process and workflow.

3. Build an environment of collaboration

It's a partnership – treat it like one! The days of one-way lead collection forms are long gone. Develop an ecosystem that encourages collaboration and multi-directional communication. Make sure your alliance managers are finding ways to support those in your ecosystem instead of only thinking about what they can do for your organization and bottom line. Find ways to breakdown hurdles and make it easier to engage with your organization. If you guide them through the process, instead of making them jump through hoops, you’ll improve the experience and increase the likelihood of a lucrative partnership.

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