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Moovila Honored as 2019 CEO Today Award Winner

Moovila Project Management – It’s all about the math

Moovila CEO Mike Psenka has a mission – merging the power of people and technology to fundamentally change the way work is managed and help every team find its critical path to success.

In an industry rife with a myriad of project management software providers, Moovila is charting its own course. With a client list spanning global construction, business consulting, retail, and transportation, the company’s breakthrough approach promises to transform the project management category.CEO Today Magazine spoke with Psenka to learn more.

CEO Today Magazine spoke with Psenka to learn more.

How is Moovila different?

If you look across industries at companies of all sizes, the one thing they have in common is the age-old struggle with work collaboration and execution. Projects falter, deadlines are missed, and budgets are blown. Software alone can’t fix that. Leaders are often tempted to throw more technology, people, and/or money at a problem without really getting to the root cause. We approach that problem of execution from a fundamentally different way – as a math problem.

What exactly does that mean?

In most cases – even in high-performing teams – there is a basic math problem that prevents on-time and on-budget completion of work. Every project is impacted by what we call the Project Paradox. The Project Paradox states that the overall probability a project will get completed on time depends on the number of tasks on the critical path, and the average on-time completion rate of the resources to complete the work. In other words, a project’s success (on-time and on-budget) hinges on success in every single task. The more complex the project, the more tasks, the more people, the lower the odds of on-time project completion.



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