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Real-time, actionable capacity planning – at last

See how our Resource Capacity Analysis functionality helps you precisely determine team availability, manage workloads, and forecast capacity in real time.

Of all the resource management and capacity planning tools in the market, we consistently heard that there still wasn't a way to get a complete view of team availability to accurately forecast capacity and simply understand how many people are needed to get work done on time.

That's why we built resource management tools from the ground up to help you:

Get a complete and precise view of all of your team's capacity data and know for certain if you have enough people to execute projects today—and 6 months down the road as tasks and availability changes.

Assign tasks based on skills, role, and real-time availability with a resource recommendation engine that serves up the best suited teammate for each task to remove uncertainty and ensure success.

Create plans that align with your budget by easily loading resources at a high level before your project schedule is fully built out, and let the system reconcile and validate plans as you add more detail.

Model scenarios to determine answers to questions like "what if we added 5 developers?" or "what if lost 2 account executives?".

Create custom dashboards that integrate with your CRM to track and analyze data from current projects, project intake, and upcoming opportunities.

Automatically identify capacity conflicts and proactively solve issues with 24/7 risk monitoring and guided remediation.

Empower contributors with calendar integrations that help teammates understand their true availability and express task overload.

... and more.


"The software has allowed our team to plan out our pipeline for priorities and capacity with a better understanding. This has allowed us to run our team efficiently and effectively and set realistic expectations."

– Chrizanna D'Silva, Senior Business Project Manager, UKG


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