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ClearTrack HR Partners with Moovila to Fast-Track Customer Onboarding Process

Moovila’s Intelligent Project Control Helps ClearTrack HR Deliver Unprecedented Accuracy and Transparency

CHARLESTON, S.C. and HUNTSVILLE, Ala., May 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Moovila®, the world’s most accurate work management platform, today announced that ClearTrack HR is using its AI-powered platform to onboard clients and manage work streams. ClearTrack HR offers a variety of robust solutions, including employee benefits, data services, call center services, and dependent eligibility verifications. The company turned to Moovila to improve its project management processes, specifically to enhance the customer experience.

ClearTrack HR provides employers with a wide variety of core, voluntary, and executive benefits from top providers so they can offer their employees a range of benefit options. Each client onboarding process is uniquely complex, working with multiple timelines and carriers, numerous data integrations, enrollment processes, and timely communications. Committed to onboarding clients seamlessly and on time, ClearTrack HR enrolled Moovila to streamline the complexities inherent to benefits administration.

“I’ve never seen software that works as great as Moovila,” said Ben Mcfarland, Benefits Specialist at ClearTrack HR. “It calculates the project dates and removes the guesswork. Not only is dependency assigning easy now, but Moovila also shows you how well your project is built by scoring it and, if you are not hitting your deadlines, it comes to your rescue by highlighting what needs to be fixed.”

Mike Psenka, founder and CEO of Moovila, added, “There’s significant room for error when bringing on new customers, streamlining processes, and optimizing efficiencies. It is critical that companies begin to shift to automation to transform these methodologies to ensure success. Through Moovila, ClearTrack HR can connect brokers and carriers and promise clients an exceptional, flawless experience every time.”

Psenka commented that more organizations are demanding the ability to score their project plans, creating significant opportunities for Moovila with its unique scoring and risk remediation tools. Built upon a mathematically engineered system designed to ensure any user can consistently produce accurate projects – regardless of complexity and without the need for certifications – Moovila delivers visibility into an actionable path to success.

Mcfarland added, “When it comes to benefits administration, we need to be able to confidently coordinate multiple touchpoints on a timely basis. Without reservation, I can say that Moovila delivers on its promises.”

About ClearTrack HR

We are a full-service employee benefit communication and enrollment solution provider, with a mission to provide a positive, seamless enrollment experience for HR staff and their employees. At ClearTrack HR, we assist companies by educating their employees about their benefit options and helping companies and employees alike make the most of their benefit investments. In addition to assisting with enrollments, we provide additional value add services to assist HR departments with easing their daily administrative burdens. These services include Call Center ​Concierge support for employees, Bill Management, Dependent Verification Audits, as well as offering FSA, HAS, HRA and Cobra Administration through their sister company, Driven125.


About Moovila®

Moovila® connects people and work on the only AI-powered work management platform with the ability to eliminate risk and speed flawless execution. Moovila models and manages workflows while seamlessly integrating real-life capacity and schedules of the people and resources delivering the work. Complete with a built-in project manager, entire work ecosystems integrate the same data on a single platform with a clear visual path and project productivity scoring. For more information, visit

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