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Legacy Platform Selects Moovila for Project Management Expertise

Moovila’s Purpose-Built Solution and Services Helps Legacy Platform Deliver Value Across the Supply Chain

CHARLESTON, S.C. and MILWAUKEE, Feb. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Moovila, the world’s most accurate work and project management platform, today announced a new customer, Legacy Platform, experts in designing, deploying and installing platform systems and other engineered miscellaneous metal products in warehouses and other large construction projects. By eliminating the burden of designing, procuring and implementing industrial platform systems, Legacy Platform helps close the gap between manufacturer and contractor to accelerate completion times, reduce costs and improve project outcomes.

Bill Jones, President for Legacy Platform, commented, “Though industrial systems play a vital role in today’s supply chain, these are sometimes an afterthought – the last to get designed and the first to be installed. We created Legacy Platform to streamline that process and make sure construction jobs move forward without delay. In addition to industrial platforms, a significant portion of our offering is for numerous non-platform-related applications in these warehouse environments, such as guardrails, stairs, gates, etc. As we scale our operations, we sought a technology partner with a similar mindset, able to reduce the administrative workload associated with project management and provide the data needed to manage people, teams and work effectively. We found that with Moovila.”

Leveraging Moovila, Legacy Platform will benefit by improving their project and resource management capabilities, so they can continue to scale their business efficiently and delight their bourgeoning client base.

Moovila founder and CEO Mike Psenka shared, “Following the supply chain and manufacturing disruptions of the last few years, companies need accurate insights and predictable outcomes in real-time. Legacy Platform understands that and knows what it takes to keep these projects on track. Moovila will bring automation and AI to their processes, supporting everything from project scheduling to task management and communication, making it possible to exceed customers’ needs and deliver on-time and on-budget.”

About Moovila
Moovila® connects people and work on the only AI-powered work management platform with the ability to eliminate risk and speed flawless execution. Moovila models and manages workflows while seamlessly integrating real-life capacity and schedules of the people and resources delivering the work. Complete with a built-in project management coach, entire work ecosystems integrate the same data on a single platform with a clear visual path and project productivity scoring. For more information, visit

About Legacy Platform 

Legacy Platform exists to create empowerment and balance while pursuing new ways to bring value across the supply chain. We eliminate the burden of designing, procuring and installing the right industrial platform and miscellaneous systems, enabling customers to accelerate completion times, reduce costs, improve outcomes and focus on their core business. To learn more, visit

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