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Moovila® and Raven Intel join forces to provide a risk-eliminating resource for selecting software solution providers

CHARLESTON, S.C. and CHICAGO, I.L. (January 7, 2021) – Moovila® and Raven Intel today announced a strategic partnership combining Moovila’s proprietary project risk-scoring tool with Raven Intel’s system integrator aggregating customer ratings and reviews. The result is an advanced resource providing risk transparency to prevent implementation flaws for buyers, sellers and implementors of enterprise software.

Raven Intel delivers a community of validated customer reviews and ratings to help organizations independently make the best choice of cloud enterprise software and systems integrators. Software implementations carry significant risk as they often result in high failure rates. Likewise, the selection of software implementation partners has been an often opaque, relationship-driven process. By adding Moovila’s objective scoring and risk-remediation platform to the process, a systems integrator’s project methodology can now be evaluated and ranked to deliver a more accurate Raven Intel rating.

“Our customers are looking for a way to hold vendors, implementors and their internal project teams accountable. They’re spending untold hours and money selecting software solutions and are tired of seeing that investment underperforms because of a botched implementation. Moovila gives them a way to validate a systems integrator’s project methodology score as well as previous project success rates. We’re excited to roll this out to all 200+ system integrators on our platform, so they can demonstrate their capabilities rather than just talk about them,” said Bonnie Tinder, founder and CEO of Raven Intel.

Moovila provides an objective score of the implementation’s viability throughout the lifespan of the process. Used in tandem with Moovila’s project debugger, the project score gives buyers, implementors and vendors a clear diagnostic to find hidden risks before they turn into delays, cost overruns, or scope reductions.

Moovila founder and CEO Mike Psenka commented, “Our experience in the credit industry showed us how managing risk accurately can help improve complex decision-making. Applying that thinking to software implementations allows people to readily identify which issues are most important and resolve them before they impact timelines—regardless of their project management expertise. Partnering with Raven Intel is exciting because of our shared passion for enabling people and organizations to build a better world, and because working together will accelerate our ability to deliver on that promise.”

Sunshine Brown, Chief Services Officer for HRMS, one of Raven Intel’s most highly rated system integrators, said, “Moovila allows us to demonstrate the level of excellence, diligence and management superiority we bring to each and every customer. We are dedicated to ensuring on-time and on-budget implementations with the highest satisfaction. Moovila’s project scoring tool facilitates real-time, transparent communication to our customers and helps eliminate surprises, all too frequently found in enterprise software implementations.”


About Moovila

Moovila connects people and work on the only AI-powered project management platform with the ability to eliminate risk and speed flawless execution. Moovila models and manages workflows while seamless integrating real-life capacity and schedules of the people and resources delivering the work. Complete with a built-in project manager, entire work ecosystems integrate the same data on a single platform with a clear visual path and project productivity scoring. For more information, visit


About Raven Intel

Raven Intel is the only peer review site devoted exclusively to gaining insight into B2B services. It is an online community designed to help enterprise software customers independently find, hire and review the best consulting partner for their cloud software project. Raven provides a platform for consulting firms to promote the quality of their work through the voice of their customers, showcase the scope of their services and increase visibility to software customers. For software vendors, Raven provides a bird’s eye view of their partners, the quality of their service delivery ecosystem and comparison to their peers. For more information, visit

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