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Project management as we know it is over


PM tech hasn’t really evolved in decades...


The Gantt chart was invented 


The Kanban board made its debut


Critical path was created


MS Project launched for DOS 


Agile Manifesto published

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These tools and methods are great for organizing projects, and that’s the reason they’re still in use today. But the processes have barely changed, and, more importantly, the math hasn’t evolved at all. 

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The factor holding everything back:
project management is too manual

This is where it gets messy. 


No matter how good the tools get at tracking, you’re stuck manually doing the math; shifting resources and teams, fixing capacity conflicts, updating the critical path—all at the last minute.


Then you have to explain why the project was inevitably delayed.

We react to problems because we don’t have a systematic way to address issues before they happen.

Raven Intelligence reviewed 1,300 projects and found that: ​


of all projects are late




are late by 2X or more

of projects are over budget

of project teams change

That churn is closely correlated with projects that run overtime, over budget, and have a lower customer satisfaction. 

Almost all projects go off track.


Do you want to know, right now, that in 63 days your project will face a major delay? Or do you want to wait 62 days while the issue lays dormant and then scramble with 7 hours of notice?

98% of all projects become flawed in some way. The longer the issue festers, the worse it gets. 

What if we can be more proactive, more predictive? 

The upside to this question is MASSIVE! 

Betting on small percentages over time yields massive gains.


Imagine what happens to your margins when the 98% of flawed projects are reduced to 88%, to 38%, to 8%.

Think of it this way: In Vegas, the house has a 0.5% edge in black jack, giving players some of the best odds to win. Yet, those same casinos feature singing gold fountains, diamond walkways, and rivers of cash.

Exaggeration? Perhaps, but they’re doing just fine over there.

gantt chart

That's hard to do when the tools available today are simply newer versions of MS Project (that, again, launched in 1984), or glorified spreadsheets.


What if there was a way to see how your projects perform, even when you’re away from your desk, so that you don’t have to recheck your plans? It's time to step into 2022... 

So, let’s adjust the math... automatically.

Finally, the technology has caught up!



Gantt charts




Critical Path 


MS Project 




Project Debugging
AI-Powered Project Management Coach
RPAX Project Health Score
Score project health and integrity 
Identify critical project risk factors
Resolve issues with AI-powered coaching 
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Welcome to the new era of project management

RPAX project health score

Project health scoring that lets you know where you stand and what’s at risk. Like a credit score for your program, it's an indicator of project health, progress, and likelihood of success. 

Learn more >

project debugging

Risk identification tied to the project score that lets you know where problems lie and alerts you when they arise. Software engineers debug code, why not debug projects? 

Learn more >

project risk remediation

AI-powered coaching that walks you through problem resolution, and takes you to the areas that need the most attention. It's as familiar as a software installation wizard, but way smarter.

Learn more >

Moovila Critical Path Automation

An AI-driven project engine that automatically recalculates every project date for you. Now, we’re talking. This math-driven tool applies project management best practices to your plans behind the scenes for you in real time. 

Learn more >


Resource capacity analysis that shows you all of your employee capacity data in real time so you can balance workloads and maximize margins. At last, you will know with certainty how many resources you need to execute on time, even as projects change.

Learn more >

work automation
work automation
Accurate answers – 24/7

Automate, organize, and communicate your projects better. Moovila monitors your projects around the clock for risks and key insights using the power of Autonomous Project Monitoring and Management (APMM). Other platforms require you to use disconnected systems and dated technology that can’t keep up with a dynamic work environment.

project scheduling

Are we on time?

resource management

Are we properly staffed?

project budgeting

Is this project profitable?

automated risk detection

Are there any hidden risks?

Tech Caught Up
project management

Automate what you hate 

There’s no reason to live in your schedule anymore.


Despite our best efforts to control the project schedule, change is inevitable. What if you can let go – with an automated system that keeps you on track, does the math to readjust with change, and alerts you to risks and issues, proactively?

Set up a safety net.
Work with fewer errors. 
Create and maintain a dynamic project schedule from planning to execution. 
Monitor and remediate risk 24/7 
Don't wait for fires to break out. Moovila monitors projects for risk and alerts you to issues along with guided remediation.
Create a transparent, single source of truth
Save time and mitigate difficult conversations around status updates, portfolio insights, and value. 
Continually and precisely manage capacity 
Balance workloads and identify resource gaps, even as requirements and personal schedules evolve. 

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Proactively score your project health, easily find risks—and bust out of the 80's

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