Project Process Automation

Ensuring on-time, on-budget delivery through intelligence and automation

Why are projects always late?

See how Moovila addresses the real reason delays are so frequent by tackling the math problem head-on to increase odds of on-time success.

Smart work starts with a smart plan

Moovila leverages project management best practices and automation to increase accountability, accuracy, and success. 

Ensure plan integrity with our Critical Path Engine 

Create project plans based on real-time capacity data 

Identify risk and forecast timelines with diagnostic tools 

Automate administration and monitoring  

Moovila empowers project managers by identifying roadblocks, automating time-consuming tasks, and eliminating the need to chase updates.

  • Keep teams accountable through work agreements

  • Highlight priorities automatically

  • Be alerted to tasks delays and risks to mitigate downstream impacts to your critical path 

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Architect accurate, agile project plans 

Moovila’s Critical Path Engine autonomously updates based on real-time data to accurately forecast work windows, timelines, and deadlines. 

  • Map dependencies & validate plan structure

  • Immediately adapt to work variation 

  • Quickly model contingency plans 

Ensure delivery with intelligent capacity tools  

Accurately allocate workloads based on project priorities and requirements so you can confidently meet deadlines.

  • Integrate calendars to gain real-time availability 

  • Optimize work execution with SmartSchedule 

  • Maximize team productivity to increase output

Analyze and optimize across your portfolio 

Moovila’s dashboards are fully customizable based on your goals to deliver clarity across initiatives and quickly track KPIs. 

  • Measure progress across multiple projects 

  • Communicate simple, critical answers to leadership 

  • Refine estimations for continuous improvement 


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