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Moovila Intelligent Project Management Solution Delivers Smooth Client Onboarding for SafeStop

CHARLESTON, S.C., Aug. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SafeStop, the industry-leading school bus tracking and communication app, has selected the Moovila project management platform to bolster its client onboarding efforts through improved collaboration and communication, process consistency, workload balancing and risk mitigation.

Prior to the start of each school year, the SafeStop team collects and aggregates a breadth of data – school bus routes, driver information, school and student information, and more – to deliver its bus tracking app for parents and school districts across the country. Numerous projects must be completed concurrently in a compressed timeline for the app to be delivered accurately and on time. The Moovila platform and project management software, driven by a proprietary Critical Path Engine™, integrates all these disparate variables into a single, centralized environment for better capacity management. It enables SafeStop to manage its workflows, schedules, team capacity, and processes with better speed, accuracy and efficiency.

The platform offers clear and simple critical path planning, automatic scheduling, capacity management and analytics, IoT connectivity, and collaboration and accountability tools to seamlessly connect and consolidate every aspect of work management. Additionally, the platform's "early warning" capability proactively identifies areas of risk before they jeopardize the project's timing or success.  

"Having all our processes, communications, and the ability to assign tasks and ownership within one system is much simpler and transparent for our team," said Kristin Lewis, VP of Product at SafeStop. "Given our short timeframe and the breadth of processes and information we work with, this is critical. The Moovila platform ensures everyone understands their responsibilities and allows us to better identify risk and manage project schedules, resulting in more satisfied clients in a shorter period of time."

"SafeStop performs a critical service for parents, students and schools across the country," added Mike Psenka, Moovila President and CEO. "We're extremely excited that the company is leveraging the benefits of the Moovila intelligent project management platform to ensure on-time project success, getting clients rapidly onboarded within a condensed critical time period."

About Moovila
Moovila is the world's only autonomous work operating system: A single integrated environment bringing intelligence, automation and insights to complex, collaborative work. In a single cloud environment Moovila intelligently models and manages workflows while seamlessly integrating the real-life capacity and schedules of the people and resources delivering the work. Moovila empowers our customers with clear and simple workflow design tools, automatic scheduling, real-life capacity management and analytics, IoT connectivity and a suite of collaboration and accountability tools all designed to seamlessly connect and consolidate every aspect of work management. For the first time ever, businesses can manage their entire work ecosystem using the same data on the same platform. For more information, visit

About SafeStop
SafeStop, a product offered by SafeStop, Inc., is a powerful and secure application that connects parents and school administrators with the vehicles transporting their students. Created in 2013 by a transportation solutions provider with vast experience in the industry, SafeStop app provides a secure registration process, real-time map feature, estimated times of arrival, student scanning, SafeStop Analytics, and an alerts and messaging center for its users. The app brings timely, accurate and valuable information to parents and school officials across North America.

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