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Senior Front End Developer



Moovila: Company & Technology


Moovila is a communication and productivity platform that enhances the way employees learn, execute and engage. It connects people with the actionable content they want – and need – through an elegant user experience that links people with their personal and professional tribes.


We have technical jobs available in Charleston, SC.  You have big brains, intellectual chops and a deep desire to invest your mental horsepower with a company that knows how to innovate, collaborate and succeed. 


We should talk.


Moovila gives you the opportunity to work directly with the founders who have world-class experience developing innovative products from the ground up and launching them to market. This team started, scaled and sold successful technology ventures with lots of hard work, the courage to learn from mistakes, and a huge dose of humor.



Job Description

We need your talent and ability to adapt quickly and execute deliverables on time to drive future growth and maintainability. You’ve been doing this long enough to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Your main responsibility is to work with a team to do front end development, using Flutter, Dart, Angular, Typescript & JavaScript. You need to quickly understand  the existing frameworks and engage your skills to elevate the platform. 

To do this, you need a deep understanding how client mobile apps work and communicate along with OO behavior, closures, function scoping, prototypal inheritance, etc. 

Lucky for you, we have a stellar product and design team with whom you will collaborate. 

Since you’re already an expert in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS; other technologies that you may have working knowledge of are:

•    Flutter/Dart
•    Native Android/iOS development
•    Javascript frameworks, such as Angular or React 
•    Reactive programming (RxJs & NgRx State management)
•    CSS Preprocessors (SASS)

One of the most compelling traits you have is your passion to join a team of ambitious technologists to build cool products.

You really should be a part of this.

Send your resume to We’ll be in touch shortly regarding next steps if there looks to be a good fit.


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