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Team Work Management

Simple, user-friendly, and powerful.

Moovila helps teams collaborate efficiently and simplify workflows to get more done.

With dynamic collaboration and built-in accountability, Moovila's team work management solution is like no other. If you need a simple, intuitive system to manage your team's work, with the power to grow alongside you, then look no further.

Streamline your team's work with Moovila.

Smarter than other sheets.


Work efficiently with the dynamic Power Grid, a familiar interface with a few new tricks like drag-n-drop columns so you can precisely control and customize your workspace. Easily access chat, task status, attachments, priority, percent complete and more directly from the Power Grid.

The best part: Every update automatically and intelligently informs all related tasks and work schedules.
Team Collaboration

Stay connected with chat & notifications.


Keep your whole team on the same page with contextual chat and configurable task notifications. Automatically notify team members with new or changed tasks, and discuss questions or changes to a task within the task interface itself.

Increase task accountability.


Moovila requires team members to review and accept each task they are assigned. This process adds accountability to both the assigner and assignee, ensuring that everyone sees and understands the work required of them.

Task Assignment

Build & manage projects with ease.


Intuitively build projects with our drag-and-drop tool that helps you construct accurate project plans. The Critical Path Engine forecasts all dates to ensure a clear and reliable view of delivery.

Critical Path Mapping
Cloud Storage

Collaborate in one place.


Moovila projects are collaborative spaces by design. Upload essential business documents to Moovila or access them through our cloud storage integrations. You can even manage your work inside Teams to contextualize projects and tasks within your team's main communication channel.

Get high-level visibility & clarity.


Keep essential information at your fingertips with Moovila's intuitive and customizable dashboards. Panels can be set up in just a few clicks, and dashboard templates can be shared with others to save setup time and give leaders the same view into their teams.


Get The Right Work Done


Utilizing our Outlook and Google Calendar integrations, Moovila helps you and your team know exactly what to work on every day to achieve your goals. The SmartSchedule engine creates suggestions based on both the items in your calendar and the tasks you haven't completed, using AI to pick the right work for your day and keep your team on the path to success.


We Grow With You


As your needs expand, Moovila's functionality does too; in addition to our team work and collaboration functionality, Moovila offers powerful project management, PPM, and PSA solutions to empower your organization into the future.

Easy integrations


Streamline execution and connect all pertinent project data in one platform.

Moovila Integrations
Moovila Integrations
Moovila Integrations
Moovila Integrations
Moovila Integrations
Moovila Integrations

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