Leading the way into the world of autonomous work and project management

Moovila is bridging the gap between humans, machines and materials to help every team find their critical path to success, no matter what type of work they're focused on.

What we deliver and why

Designed around the Critical Path methodology, our proprietary Critical Path Engine models and manages the complex process of overseeing work and project management, and autonomously determines the most efficient allocation of people and resources to tasks across your entire portfolio of work. Integrated with the calendars and schedules of your employees, partners, and vendors, Moovila ensures accuracy of forecasts with Real-life Capacity Management.


By connecting workflows to people, Moovila continuously prioritizes individual workloads, updates project status and timelines in real-time, and consolidates this information into the Critical Path Engine to provide your business with a real-life holistic view of both your work portfolios and your teams schedules and capacity utilization.


For capital intensive businesses, Moovila also offers IoT connectivity to the machines and material resources contributing to work. Integration of IoT data allows businesses to use live data such as geo-fencing, GPS location, and machine capacity and schedules to automatically inform timelines and progress of work.  


For the first time ever, businesses can manage their entire work ecosystem using the same data, on the same platform.

Critical Path Modeling

Modern work and project management best practices teach us to set a plan and deploy risk management techniques to avoid deviation from that plan. But, Moovila understands that the level of workplace precision needed to ensure adherence to a static plan so great, that it’s futile to believe that any scope of work will occur as originally planned.

So, we built a work and project management tool for the real world.

Our proprietary Critical Path Engine builds a digital architecture of your project that collects all of the pertinent data needed to forecast timelines, autonomously create schedules, and manage variation in work to immediately adapt to change.

Moovila performs this analysis across your entire portfolio down to the SmartTask level, while seamlessly incorporating live data from the human and machine resources that contribute to your projects. The engine provides diagnostic insights to remove the uncertainty created by workplace variability.

Critical Path Engine

Project Diagnostics



Human Empowerment

Researchers and analysts continually try to identify what makes a project successful, and the themes that consistently rise to the top as key factors that drive success are stakeholder engagement, enabled accountability, and third party collaboration.


That’s why we direct our focus around empowering people.

Real-life Capacity

Moovila is designed to be a single platform that enables collaboration for all project stakeholders, from individual contributors to executives, to customers and vendors.

Ground-breaking features include direct calendar integrations that allow for SmartSchedule's autonomous work scheduling and prioritization, the ability to include third parties in teams and Real-life Capacity Management. Plus, user level prompts and reminders boost accountability and collaboration.


Our goal is to provide the visibility and insights your team needs to make smart decisions quickly, ease difficult conversations, and keep work moving forward.

Team Engagement



Resource Connectivity

There are many different resources that contribute to your work. Whether it’s extended collaborators such as customers and vendors, materials in a supply chain, or the machinery executing your tasks, you need to understand how these resources impact your work and projects, and ultimately, bottom line.

Moovila is building cutting-edge technologies to connect these disparate resources into one centralized work operating system.


For customer and vendor relationships, we can connect their users directly to your account enabling collaboration right at the source.

For capital intensive businesses Moovila also offers IOT connectivity to the machines and materials contributing to your work.


IoT integration allows businesses to use live data such as geo-fencing, GPS location, and machine capacity and schedules to automatically inform timelines and the progress of work.