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Lauren Selley from Y Media Labs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Project Management

Host, Jeff Plumblee interviews Lauren Selley, Director of Program Management at Y Media Labs. They discuss a variety of topics in program and project management. Besides managing programs, Lauren is a knowledge management evangelist. She also advocates for inclusivity in project management and getting women into tech. Lauren started in high school with HTML, customizing her MySpace page. She became a teacher, but from teaching, she jumped into project management as a business analyst for a Microsoft boutique company, and eventually landed at Y Media Labs. How did Lauren’s experience as a teacher prepare her to manage teams and work with clients? Very well, she explains!

Listen in for some of the highs and lows of Lauren’s projects, and how she had to retool an important customer’s project over three days to fit an obsolete browser. Also, hear her suggestions for processes, software, and tools that will help you pave your way to project perfection.


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