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This Project Life Podcast

Every project has a story.

This Project Life shares practical advice from the field, discussing what happens behind the scenes from wildly successful to delayed and failed projects. Tune in for unfiltered interviews with project management experts.

We also host Community of Practice Live (COP Live) where PM leaders come together for a live, virtual discussion around varying topics around trends, technology, and challenges they're facing. 

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Ben Morabito and Jay Sturm of Irreverent Rogue: Straight-Shooting Leadership, Handling Bad Actors, and Defying PMO Failure

Host Jeff Plumblee interviews Ben Morabito and Jay Sturm of Irreverent Rogue, about the leadership tools of project management. The conversation goes in-depth on the necessity of alignment between corporate strategy and the PMO, reasons PMOs may fail, knowing who the PM needs to talk to and when, and the importance of soft skills in project management. Ben and Jay share their best and worst project experiences, and how those projects ended, They advise listeners on the various aspects of project management and how, in the end, if you don’t have a strong team dynamic, you will not have a successful outcome.

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