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Moovila vs. Smartsheet

Considering or already using Smartsheet? See why Moovila better equipped to help your organization increase efficiency, mitigate risk, and save money across your entire project portfolio.

What we've heard from current Smartsheet users...

"With Smartsheet, we have to do everything manually which is very cumbersome and time-consuming. There's no organization and things fall through the cracks."

"Smartsheet lacks portfolio management, which is problematic due to the sheer volume of projects our company has going at any given time. It lacks in-depth reporting options, and it's just a holdover until the we find something more suited to our needs."

"Smartsheet doesn't have resource management. We have to use two different systems, which is cumbersome and also means that we can't see resource constraints and our schedule is always disconnected and inaccurate."

"Smartsheet is hard to set up and easy to break."

"Smartsheet is great for basic project management, but it lacks a strategic planning component, and it doesn't have a way for users to view their entire project portfolio."

"We're currently using Smartsheet but we need a platform that can support large-scale projects, is very intuitive, and can build more substantial oversights."

Sound familiar?
Moovila solves all of these challenges and more.

The top 4 reasons Moovila is superior to Smartsheet

#1: Unrivaled work visualizations
Gantt Chart
Project Management Spreadsheet
Critical Path Visualization

See your projects like never before with Moovila's Critical Path Engine.


More than just a network diagram; our Critical Path Engine clearly and automatically shows the project's critical path, highlights any delayed tasks, and shows the cascading impact of those delays throughout the project.


The math-driven engine ensures that your project plans are structurally sound and accurate. Drag-n-drop tasks and dependencies make building and managing projects intuitive for users of all experience levels, and the unique visualization vastly increases team efficiency.


(For the record, we have a great Gantt chart too, but we think you'll like this much better.)

If you're tired of searching for answers, then you need Moovila's Critical Path Engine

^ Smartsheet does not have a network diagram, forcing you to rely on outdated project visualizations that don't quickly surface the information you need. You can configure their Gantt Chart to show dependencies and the critical path, but this visualization isn't nearly as clear as the Critical Path Engine.


Already using Smartsheet?

You can easily import Smartsheet projects into Moovila to make switching platforms a breeze.

#2: Portfolio insight, right out of the box
Project Dashboard
Project Portfolio Status

Understand your entire portfolio in a blink—no formulas required.

No need to hire technical resources to program formulas or reconfigure your data; all you have to do is build or import your projects into Moovila. Then the dashboards and Portfolio Timeline automatically present the information to you. (You can customize dashboards and reports to suit your needs, too.)

Even more, Moovila gives you data you can trust. We built our dashboards from the bottom up to aggregate granular data from tasks, dependencies, and time entries, instead of simple lists and percentage-based allocation estimates to give you the most accurate picture of your work ecosystem possible.

If you want a better way to analyze and manage your project portfolio, then you need Moovila's Project Portfolio Management solution. 


Smartsheet requires a lot of manual configuration to build dashboards and get insightful data from the top level of your portfolio of projects.

#3: Automated alerts for capacity conflicts
and 19 other project risks

RPAX Project Debugger
Carmen AI PM Coach
RPAX Project Portfolio Scores
Find and fix problems before they find you.


Our AI-powered feature suite, Intelligent Project Control continuously scans your project plans for hidden risks such as capacity conflicts and structural flaws, and helps you quickly resolve them. That means no more chasing updates and configuring custom panels—and, no surprises. With Moovila, whether you have a late milestone due to inaccurate time estimates or you've overburdened resources across projects, the issues will automatically be surfaced to you, along with next steps on how to fix them.

If preventing problems is important to you, then you need Moovila's Intelligent Project Control.


Smartsheet has no automated risk detection capabilities. While you can set up a Status column for projects or tasks, this field must be manually updated. Manual risk detection is inherently subjective and lacks consistent governance, severely diminishing its value to your organization.

#4: Native PSA functionality
Time Tracking Software
Team Capacity

Track resources and project work all in one place.

With Moovila, all the project management and PSA functionality can be found in the same platform. Project contributors can easily track their time in the same place they manage their work, and PMs can allocate resources based on accurate capacity forecasts built from detailed project data.


Best of all, Moovila leverages this powerful data set to create revenue projections and track billable utilization, giving your organization the key metrics you need for success in any project.

If you're tired of switching between platforms, then you need Moovila's Professional Services Automation solution.

< Smartsheet has some PSA features built-in, but they require extensive customization to set up to your organization's needs. They acquired 10,000ft PSA in 2019 but thus far, have only integrated the platforms with a single panel with limited resource capacity data. This patchwork solution still requires constant platform switching for all team members, wasting precious time on every project.

There's a smarter way. Try Moovila today.

Moovila is a registered trademark of Moovila, Inc.. All other trademarks appearing on this website are the property of their respective owners. The testimonials on this webpage were received from actual users of Smartsheet during sales presentations. Performance of and comparisons of any software, including Moovila's, will depend on the specific circumstances of its use.

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