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ConnectWise project management integration

Unrivaled project management natively integrated with ConnectWise PSA

Seamlessly sync existing ConnectWise projects within Perfect Project to run your projects better than ever before.

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World's Best Work & Project Management Platform

ConnectWise project management integration

See how it works

Our native, bi-directional integration allows you to edit and work in both the Perfect Project and ConnectWise PSA platforms with real-time data synchronization.

All the project management power you crave, at last!

You don’t need another tool to manage your tools, but you need more than ticketing to manage project schedules, which is why we make it easy for MSPs to: 

project risk monitoring

Detect & resolve delays with 24/7 monitoring

Prevent surprises and last minute fire drills

critical path management

Automate project schedule management

No more manually updating dates on each individual task!

project tasks

Easily manage tickets-to-tasks​

Map the information you need to track work by project

Project Dashboard

Have clear visibility across all projects

Get accurate projects insights from the portfolio level

project dependencies

Manage project dependencies

Create (multiple) dependencies across tasks and projects

task durations

Get precise budgeting & forecasting 

Harness accurate capacity forecasting and financial performance data.

Crystal clear portfolio visibility

Clearly view and manage all of your projects in one place to streamline status updates and reporting, and easily understand which projects are on track, and which ones need immediate attention.

ConnectWise and Moovila Project Portfolio

See every project in portfolio view without having to click into each one!




See how Moovila Perfect Project is transforming project management at Logically by streamlining processes, boosting efficiency, and ensuring a consistent customer experience with clear delivery timelines for their MSP.

Find the right people,
at the right time, for every project

Know the exact number of resources required to fulfill the work you have today and the work coming down the funnel.

  • Precise resource allocation 

  • Capacity conflict monitoring 

  • Integrated time tracking

real time resourcing
capacity management
Skill matching-Graham.png

An intelligent resource recommendation engine

Assign tasks based on match strength with an engine that recommends the best person for the work by factoring in skills, role, and real-time availability.

Integrated time tracking

Lighten the burden of time tracking (and ensure that people actually do it) with easy to use time entry that's built right into work tickets so you can you bill faster and more accurately.

Time Tracking Dashboard
Time tracking and approval

It doesn't stop there...

See all of our Real-time Resource and Capacity Management capabilities.


Say goodbye to disconnected project management 

Meet a fully integrated ecosystem you can view and manage your projects and resources directly through in ConnectWise PSA. Rest assured, your data is synced and accurate in both platforms.

Critical Path Engine
Stop living in spreadsheets, task management tools, and email

Manage work in one place with a project management automation engine complete with 24/7 risk monitoring, project scoring, and AI-driven schedule remediation.
No more manual schedule updates when delays or changes occurs

You no longer need to manually edit dates when changes occur. Perfect Project gives you the power to update your entire project schedule with the click of a button.
MSP Project Template
Bring consistency and ease to your processes with project templates

Create optimized project plans with built-in best practices and streamline project creation for repeatable processes. Templates also enable measurable, continuous improvement across your project portfolio.
Critical Path Engine

Build projects with fewer errors and far less risk

Ensure every part of your project is synchronized to accurately forecast timelines and monitored for risk 24/7 to ensure on-time execution with RPAX, our project schedule automation engine.


Smart platform. Easy integrations.

Our list of integrations is growing daily. See the full list or request new ones 👇

connectwise integration
Salesforce integration
Quickbooks integration
cisco webex integration
Moovila Integrations
HubSpot integration
Microsoft integration
SharePoint integration
Jira integration

Hitting project milestones = profits 

The Perfect Project <> ConnectWise PSA integration provides MSPs with a seamless way to take full advantage of their robust ConnectWise ecosystem and leverage powerful project and resource management automation.


Prevent costly delays or downtime and maximize your margins!

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Learn more about Perfect Project and how the integration is helping MSPs just like you boost productivity and customer satisfaction.

Project management integration Connectwise

The term 'ConnectWise' is a trademark of ConnectWise, LLC. This application uses the ConnectWise API but is not a ConnectWise product or service and is licensed separately from ConnectWise products and services.

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