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HRMS Solutions Secures Moovila® Gold RPAX Project Management Excellence Verification

Human Capital Consulting Services Firm Becomes First to Achieve Elite Certification from Work Management Platform
RPAX Certification

BOULDER, Colo. and CHARLESTON, S.C., June 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Moovila®, the world’s most accurate portfolio and work management platform, today announced that HRMS Solutions, a human capital technology advisory, implementation and consulting services firm, is the first UKG™ Implementation Partner to achieve its Gold RPAX Project Management Excellence Verification.

Moovila is a first-of-its-kind technology that helps professional services organizations identify, remediate, and monitor project risks autonomously. RPAX, which stands for Robotic Project Assessment Index, is an objective, best-practices-based risk scoring tool designed to assess projects, such as enterprise software implementations, for hidden risks. The RPAX solution, developed by Moovila, continuously monitors and scores project plans to uncover potential pitfalls before they cost unnecessary time and money. By promoting project plan integrity and accuracy, RPAX upholds transparent, reliable delivery and excellent communication throughout the project lifecycle.

RPAX validates excellence in project management methodology with two levels of verification. To secure Gold status, all customer projects must be monitored by RPAX on a real-time, ongoing basis.

Mike Psenka, founder and CEO of Moovila, explained, “RPAX scoring helps measure a project’s overall integrity, functioning like a smoke alarm for your implementation. Once an alarm sounds, the Moovila Project Debugger swoops in to ensure no one gets burned by an unexpected problem or delay. With the addition of RPAX verification, we’re empowering organizations to work with certified partners, those who have adopted a PM-first mindset. Kudos to HRMS for being the first to achieve this status.”

Sunshine Brown, Chief Services Officer for HRMS, commented, “HRMS is dedicated to ensuring on-time, on-budget implementations, and Moovila helps us eliminate the surprises often found during these projects. Being the first company to achieve RPAX Gold verification further underscores our commitment to our customers and our ability to demonstrate and validate the level of excellence, diligence, project transparency and implementation superiority we provide.”

About HRMS Solutions

Founded in 2003, HRMS is a human capital technology advisory, implementation and consulting services firm. We employ a team of professional certified consultants, a proven and collaborative methodology, and a premier service delivery approach to offer our clients a better implementation experience and ensure worthwhile project outcomes. For more information, visit

We are Trusted, Reliable, Responsive and Exclusively UKG.

About Moovila®

Moovila® connects people and work on the only AI-powered work management platform with the ability to eliminate risk and speed flawless execution. Moovila models and manages workflows while seamlessly integrating real-life capacity and schedules of the people and resources delivering the work. Complete with a built-in project manager, entire work ecosystems integrate the same data on a single platform with a clear visual path and project integrity scoring. For more information, visit

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