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Moovila  Intelligent Project Management Solution Supports Remote Collaboration and Collective Business Goals for Global Gaming Leader IGT


Moovila’s Ease-of-Use and Sophisticated Critical Path Engine Lauded as Game Changers

CHARLESTON, S.C., Sept. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Moovila,® the world’s smartest project management software, today announced its intelligent work platform has been deployed by the world’s gaming leader, IGT. Initially selected to enable the IGT People and Transformation team’s support for global initiatives, within a short time and under pandemic conditions, Moovila was recognized for its intuitive ease-of-use, considerable collaborative value, and exceptional Critical Path Engine™ capabilities.

The gaming technology industry is highly competitive. IGT has been consistent in its people-oriented focus, viewing its workforce as a key competitive differentiator. As the way work is conducted has changed dramatically from the impact of COVID-19, Moovila’s infrastructure has provided IGT with a reliable solution that links multiple departments in the trackable pursuit of project deliverables.

“IGT’s People and Transformation team identified an opportunity to transform the way we work through an initiative we call ‘Project Manager in a Box,’” said Ana Coronel, vice president, Organization, Transformation and Global Services for IGT. “By providing IGT with the technological underpinnings of this initiative, Moovila’s platform and services have empowered us to approach individual projects as part of a vast scope of work, enabling us to understand and apply our resource capacity more effectively, and giving our leaders clear insights into our initiatives’ critical paths.”

Because bringing projects to fruition requires interdependence between remote workgroups, IGT has found Moovila’s new functionality, InterProject Dependencies, to be particularly beneficial. InterProject Dependencies provides a view of the project portfolio, accounting for all of the steps needed to move a project forward, including the stakeholders and timelines. As dependencies arise, the feature updates model dates across the project, helping keep teams accountable and apprised of the status.

IGT initially selected the Moovila platform for its proprietary Critical Path Engine, which automatically builds digital architectures for project plans based on discrete mathematics and graph theory. Coupled with other standard features of the Moovila platform – such as predictive timeline forecasts, customizable diagnostics, and real-time, task-level insights – IGT has given its People and Transformation team an early warning mechanism to proactively view potential obstacles in advance so they can re-route and keep projects on track.

Mike Psenka, president and CEO of Moovila, commented, “The crisis created by the pandemic has made digital transformation more important than ever before. As workforces seek to accelerate business outcomes while working remotely, Moovila helps facilitate their achievements. We’re especially grateful to partner with IGT, the global gaming leader, from whom we’ve learned so much and are honored to support.”

About Moovila®
Moovila® connects people and work in a single integrated environment bringing intelligence, automation and insights into a collaborative project management platform. Moovila models and manages workflows while seamlessly integrating the real-life capacity and schedules of the people and resources delivering the work.

Moovila empowers customers with clear and simple process design tools, automatic scheduling, real-life capacity management and analytics, IoT connectivity and a suite of collaboration and accountability tools all designed to connect and consolidate every aspect of work management. For the first time, organizations can manage their entire work ecosystem using the same data on the same platform, gaining a single source of truth. For more information, visit

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