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A Recap of IT Nation Connect 2023: Moovila Style

The Moo Crew had a blast at ConnectWise’s 2023 event! Read on to learn more about our take – with project management in mind of course.

Moovila at IT Nation Connect 2023

Moovila attended our first ConnectWise IT Nation Connect Conference last week in Orlando, Florida. The team arrived ready to get down to business; we set up our booth, laid out our swag (obviously socks were included), and got ready to show off Perfect Project for MSPs. Almost immediately, it was an overwhelmingly positive experience – what an extremely warm welcome at our first larger event in the ConnectWise community!

During most of the event our booth was overflowing with excited MSP leaders who were interested in a solution to their project management and resource forecasting problems.

Their excitement galvanized our belief in our mission to deliver an intelligent, ConnectWise-integrated, project management solution capable of managing complicated projects, keeping a portfolio of projects on track, and delivering the automation and debugging this technically demanding community needs.

Moovila at IT Nation Connect 2023

Contaminated project data and bad decisions

We started the event strong with our first Marketplace Theater appearance where Mike Psenka, President and CEO, explained how contaminated data leads to disastrous high-level business decisions. He explained that – without a project management solution capable of Autonomous Project Monitoring and Management (APMM) – the data pulled into your projects from tickets, your CRM, and everywhere else in an MSP’s tech stack quickly becomes stale.

Mike Psenka IT Nation Connect 2023

Making decisions about budgets, staffing, backlogs, and projects based on stale data impacts everything from margins to customer satisfaction. After he demonstrated how our APMM debugs, refreshes, and syncs that data in real time – we had multiple MSP leaders stop by night one eager to learn more.


If you missed this session at IT Nation Connect, you can catch Mike talking contaminated project data live on our December 8th webinar at 11am EST titled: Your Projects Are Contaminating Your Business – Let’s Fix It! 


Sentiment on project management at the event

Overall, we would be mistaken to not point out that our entrance to this event and our advertised integration with ConnectWise PSA was confusing to some – a common question we got was "Doesn’t ConnectWise PSA have project management?" And it’s true, ConnectWise PSA does have a project portal which may be a fit for some MSPs or those with less complex project needs. But many of the best practice project management features MSPs seek out – portfolio overview, dependencies, robust templates (to name a few) – that allow for more efficient project management, revenue forecasting, resourcing forecasting for 6+ months out, etc. are not there.

ConnectWise themselves recognized this pent-up market demand at the event by holding project and business management focus groups related to future improvements. It is very clear the hunger is there as those sessions were all packed. Many MSPs were hoping that this year’s product releases from ConnectWise would solve these project management feature needs, but with intense focus on hyperautomation and security, it seemed like this year’s project management focused sessions were just the start of what may come down the road. A start we welcome fully as better project management and professional services delivery options for any size and style MSP means better industry standards, project management best practices, and tool expectations for all!

For those searching specifically for project management features at the show, they were thrilled to discover that our sophisticated, AI-enhanced, project management tool is already available and seamlessly integrated with ConnectWise.

Current Moovila users at the event

We would also be remis if we didn’t thank our many existing customers who stopped by our booth or met the team for a drink at the event. More than one current MSP customer stopped by to tell us why they love Perfect Project and how it has drastically enhanced their professional services.

They love how it turns ConnectWise project shells into complex project plans with sophisticated capacity planning and tracking. They love the near-instant, accurately forecasted dates it gives them for project delivery and how it keeps their team – and customers – focused on the most imminent tasks. They also love how it is teaching them to iterate towards tighter processes, better customer service, and – as a result – earning them higher margins!

And at IT Nation it was clear that our customers were far from alone when it came to needing to solve these problems. Our current users talked to many fellow MSPs suffering similar project issues to what they had experienced prior to implementing Moovila – and we know this because they sent other MSPs our way! We had more than one booth visitor asking things like “Tell me how Logically uses the toolor “I heard about your tool from a neighbor in a morning session, tell me more about how his team is using it”. Our team is EXTREMELY thankful for each and every existing customer in attendance who shared how Moovila is helping them. Without customers like you we wouldn’t be able to do what we do!

Until next year IT Nation

In the end, we loved getting the chance to talk everyone’s ear off about project management at IT Nation Connect. But what made this event special to the team was truly being embraced by the community – hanging out at Bullets and Ballads, throwing paint darts with new friends, and – as our Sales Team can’t resist – dominating at more ConnectWise cornhole (what can we say, they’re competitive).

What was the biggest lesson we learned at IT Nation? Project management is a real problem in this space, and we’re ready to tackle it together head on!

Did you miss catching us at IT Nation? Learn more about our ConnectWise PSA integration.

Moovila IT Nation Connect 2023



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