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An intelligent AI for planning projects is built right into ConnectWise

When your client’s needs – a product rollout, system update, or installation – exceed the capacity of a ticket, you probably turn to a project planning solution such as Microsoft Project.

But how often, in that process, are you forced to estimate something you would rather know with certainty? And, as you execute the plan, what happens when an estimate turns out to be off, a resource becomes unavailable, or someone misses a deadline? Plans require constant vigilance, and every status meeting feels like it might be the one to bring the crisis, delay, or cost overrun you’ve been working so hard to prevent.

Project planning can feel like driving in fog on an L.A. freeway: You can’t see far enough ahead to avoid slamming into the pileup in front of you.

ConnectWise PSA (formerly ConnectWise Manage) now has an integrated project and resource management system, powered by AI, that will help you:

  • Reduce the revenue gaps and costs associated with project delays

  • Automate critical path management and easily manage tickets-to-tasks

  • Have clear project visibility, manage dependencies, and set task durations

  • Achieve consistent delivery with: - Precise resource allocation - Capacity conflict monitoring - A resource recommendation engine

  • Find and proactively reduce the project risks and issues that erode margins

  • Remove communication boundaries both internally and with client teams

This integration was purpose built to help you achieve more consistency and grow.

An intelligent planning tool integrated into ConnectWise

If every project feels like a white-knuckle drive, you need a smarter project management tool.

Perfect Project by Moovila is now integrated with ConnectWise. You can do your planning right where you manage tickets, your team, and customers with bi-directional data synchronization.

Perfect Project connects to your data sources and syncs in real time with ConnectWise to remove the guesswork from estimates and give you a bird’s eye view of the road ahead.

It has an artificial intelligence that can see through the fog and watch for problems. Instead of checking every task, getting status reports from teams, and hoping you see an obstacle before you slam into it, the AI surfaces the problems it can see coming. It gives you a glanceable picture of the current state of your project, who is working on what, and how every missed deadline, unavailable resource, or change to the plan will affect your costs, schedule, and completion dates – today and in the future.

24/7 project clarity

If you are a skilled project management professional, you might be getting some of that clarity. But you aren’t getting all of it. You can’t be vigilant 24 hours a day, know every schedule change for each resource, and find every unfinished task. And you certainly can’t predict how each one of these things will affect the future of the project.

An AI can.

It spends every minute searching for hiccups. It’s like blind-spot alert and collision warning for projects. It sees potential problems and shows red or orange, depending on how serious the impact is on your project. It also provides a score that shows you when a project is on track and when it isn’t. It then helps you drill down to find the solution with guided remediation.

Accurate resource allocation

Because this planning tool is integrated into ConnectWise, you can allocate resources based on real data. You can see who matches your needs and has capacity so you can staff each project accurately and cost-effectively.

Reduce friction with clients

You can also use Perfect Project to smooth the friction when a client fails to complete tasks – right from ConnectWise. Let the AI surface the missed task. Then bring it to the client’s attention and share all the necessary documents so they can easily get it completed, without wading into email exchanges.

Planning projects at the scale of an MSP/TSP is complicated. Do you have the right warning system in place? Integrate Moovila Perfect Project with ConnectWise and drive safely.

Learn how you can set up Moovila Perfect Project today.



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