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CoP Live: exploring project risk and The Great Resignation

Co-hosts Jeff Plumblee and Matt Stoltz of This Project Life are live today for the first Community of Practice live event!

Listen to the episode: Apple | Spotify


Jeff and Matt discuss with the group the meaning of project risk and how to respond to it through transference, acceptance, avoidance, or mitigation. Jeff and discussion group members Sunshine, Dan, Aaron, Kayla, Gabe, and others bring up stories of project risks they’ve experienced and ask questions about managing risks. Jeff and Matt give perspective on cultural risks for projects in other countries. Gabe offers how to work in a situation where a salesperson has overpromised features to clients. Listen in for ideas that work to keep your project in alignment with the outcome.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jeff defines project risk and shares a story of a derailed project in Haiti with unusual risks. Matt asks the group for stories. Sunshine sees the constant churn of team members. Another group member talks of a PMO layoff including the project manager! Dan shares ideas to address difficulties in resourcing.

  • Sunshine says professional development is essential to maintaining talent. Another group member saw people leaving a corporation without offers, due to burnout. She works now at a small company where people work insane hours with less burnout. Aaron says that burnout is a common problem.

  • Kayla’s company grades people on their work/life balance and has conversations to prevent burnout as part of their semi-annual review process. Jeff’s company takes a quarterly pulse anonymously by teams to prevent burnout. Kayla’s big risk in software is a power outage.

  • Jeff plans for cultural risks when working abroad by talking to as many stakeholders about what to expect, then embeds himself in the community. Matt learned the culture quickly when he lived in China.

  • A member asks what to do when a salesman decides that an optional feature will be free to customers. Gabe says to take a fact-based approach to costs and reinforce to your team who is making the decisions. Matt says whoever has the best facts usually comes out on top.

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