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How to strengthen resource management within ConnectWise

Project Management Expertise Series for ConnectWise Users

When you take on a client’s technical support needs, you have to be able to deliver on that promise. No managed service provider (MSP) can do that without a team of skilled people, ready and available when they are needed.

Resource management is difficult enough for a single project. Aligning the resources for a portfolio, as you do, is like working in the path of a hurricane. Without a satellite view of all the details – and an early warning system – you can’t see the storm coming until it hits.

What if you had (integrated with ConnectWise) a way to be more predictable in how you staff and source projects? You could:

  • Accelerate revenue recognition

  • Prevent team burnout and quiet quitting

  • Drive predictable and consistent resourcing

  • Unlock new growth initiatives

  • Find new ways to engage and recognize team achievements

The problems caused by on-the-fly resource management are vast. Even if customers are happy, you might be burning out your team, over-scheduling, paying people before you can capture revenue, or staffing a team that lacks necessary skills. It takes one scheduling conflict to derail a delivery.

It takes one scheduling conflict

to derail a delivery.

Nothing will make resource management on this scale less complex. There is, however, a way to have the high-tech satellite view of your teams and projects – and the early warning system – you need to prepare efficiently.

Moovila Perfect Project, integrated with ConnectWise, is like having a NOAA weather system focused on your dynamic resource management scenarios. It helps you manage and communicate with your people and creates models and visualizations that give you a high-level understanding of what’s happening – and what’s coming.

A barometer on burnout

Burnout is real. You don’t want to fry competent team members by constantly overloading them. Most people will not signal their discontent until it’s too late, leaving a very expensive gap to fill.

Quiet quitting costs US companies up to $500 billion annually, and 79% of employees claim that more recognition would prevent the issue.

The capacity management tool in Perfect Project is like a barometer for burnout, constantly showing you, right from your dashboard, who is working, scheduled to work, or over capacity. You don’t have to constantly take pulse checks to avoid a blowup. Perfect Project monitors for problems, such as capacity conflicts, and surfaces them for you. It then walks you through balancing the workload, so everyone is working at capacity – not overworked and not idle.

Perfect Project also empowers project contributors by helping them express task overload, and provides the ability for individuals to accept or reject tasks as they are assigned, opening doors to conversations and contextual planning.

Learn more about Moovila Perfect Project's resource management engine in this short video:

Scientifically choosing the right team

Once you have Perfect Project connected to ConnectWise, all your data is automatically synced, so you can skip the data entry and do your planning using the most up-to-date resource information. When preparing a rollout or onboarding a new client, Perfect Project offers an intelligent resource recommendation engine. It recommends team members based on skill, role, and availability, so you can staff each project with the right people at the right time. This clarity will also help you know – well in advance – if you need to hire to cover a shortage.

It also provides the ability to model resource scenarios and see how it will impact your business downstream. What would happen if we hire three new tech support analysts next month? What if we lost a key engineer? Perfect project helps you stay ahead of planning so you can be more proactive.

Perfect Project also handles communication within the platform, including chat and notifications, so no one has to spend time writing – and following up on – emails.

A weather report on workflow

For a high-level view on the work, who is doing it, and how essential each player is to each project, take a look at the team workflow view. This visualization helps you understand the workflow – in real time – so you can learn, from your own data, where to allocate resources in the future.

Some days your technical team responds to tickets in ConnectWise. But other times, when they are rolling out new installations or updates, Perfect Project will help them decide what to work on. Without this guidance, your team members might choose to do tasks they like or that are easy to accomplish. But that might not move your project along efficiently.

people spend 35% of their time deciding what to do next

A Zapier study found that people spend 35% of their time deciding what to do next. Perfect Project gives everyone optimized KPIs, mathematically sorted for importance based on project parameters, and dropped on their calendar. This lets people focus on what needs to be done.

The combination of real-time resourcing data, communications, scenario modeling, and the ability to find and fix flaws, helps you:

  • Deliver more consistent services

  • Increase customer satisfaction scores

  • Prevent burnout by seeing who is overburdened

  • Accelerate time to revenue

Moovila Perfect Project is the only intelligent project management tool, integrated with ConnectWise, that offers real-time resource management with advanced notifications of potential risks and flaws.

Learn how to leverage this powerful ConnectWise integration and improve both employee and customer experience.



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